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How to Take Trucks Off a Skateboard — Do This!

How to Take Trucks Off a Skateboard — Do This!

There are a lot of things that I need to know how to do if I skateboard regularly.

Quite a bit goes into the repair and maintenance of an average skateboard. One thing that I must know how to do is remove the trucks off of my skateboard.

This might sound like a simple task and it is fairly simple if I follow the right steps.

Here is what I think that you should know about removing the trucks off of your skateboard.


How to Take Trucks Off a Skateboard

First, put the skate tool around the truck’s bolt and squeeze it as hard as possible. Use the screwdriver to remove the screw inside the nut and do this for all the nuts and bolts. Next, remove the screws from the truck. It is best to remove them gently and then take off the truck itself.


What Items I Need to Remove My Skateboard Truck

How to Take Trucks Off a Skateboard

How to Take Trucks Off a Skateboard

First and foremost, I have to have my skateboard in front of me to work on it. After that, I must have a skate tool and a screwdriver.

However, I can also use a pair of pliers instead of the skate tool if I wish. It is really a matter of personal preference, to be totally honest.


Prepare Your Skateboard Properly

Prepare Your Skateboard Properly

Prepare Your Skateboard Properly

There is some preparation that goes into taking the trucks off my skateboard, as well. The first thing that I can do is to move my skateboard into a better position so it is easier to work on it.

One easy way to do this is to flip the skateboard over completely. After that, I can also move the skateboard’s truck so that it is in a horizontal position.

This isn’t a required step, though. However, I recommend that you take these steps nonetheless since it makes the entire task easier as a result.

I can work on the skateboard without preparing it if I wish. I have just found that preparing it saves you time in the long run.


Take The Nuts Off Of The Skateboard’s Truck

Take The Nuts Off Of The Skateboard's Truck

Take The Nuts Off Of The Skateboard’s Truck

When talking about how to take trucks off a skateboard, the next thing I must do is take off the nuts. I first have to take off all the bolts that attach the truck to the skateboard.

There are several ways of doing this. I can use a pair of pliers to remove the bolts from my skateboard’s truck.

However, I can also utilize my skateboard tool when I complete this part of the process. It is important to keep in mind that I have to use a particular socket when removing the bolts from my skateboard with my skateboard tool.

I have to utilize the smallest socket of the skateboard tool when I do it this way. First, I put the smallest socket of the skateboard tool or pliers on one of the skateboard truck’s nuts.

I then put the screwdriver onto the nut’s screw, which is located inside the nut. I recommend that you hold your skateboard on one side with both hands for maximum stability as you remove the bolts.

After that, I will turn the socket wrench I have for this part and hold my screwdriver in place. I also have to twist my screwdriver and squeeze down on my socket wrench at the same time.

It’s fairly easy to remove the four bolts this way. I recommend going by this method to remove all of the bolts and nuts on the skateboard.

I simply have to repeat the same steps that I followed previously in order to do this. It is crucial to maintain a strong grip while removing all of the nuts and bolts from the skateboard.

It is possible that it may seem a bit awkward to remove the nuts and bolts like this. However, this is an easier method to do it.

I also recommend using a surface that is both sturdy and flat when you remove the trucks off your skateboard.


Think About Having Someone Else Help Me Take Off The Trucks

Another person’s help can prove valuable in completing this process, especially for people who don’t have much experience taking trucks off a skateboard.

This is really up to personal preference, but I recommend getting some help if you’re not experienced with removing trucks off skateboards. It can make the process go much more quickly and more smoothly.


Remove The Trucks From The Skateboard

After I have taken off the nuts and bolts, I can remove the truck from its screws. I recommend removing the trucks from their screws gently.

This ensures that neither the trucks nor the bolts become damaged. I should have a skateboard that is clean and has a total of eight screws at this point.


Installing New Trucks On The Skateboard

The first step in installing new trucks or putting the old trucks back on is to put the trucks over the skateboard decks’ holes.

I then push the skateboard’s screws down into the holes of the truck and through the skateboard’s deck with my thumb.

Get a tool and use it to put the skateboard’s nuts on the ends of the screws. Keep turning the screws until they are sufficiently tight and cannot be turned more.

I will then check to ensure the nuts are correctly placed on the skateboard. I can then utilize my skateboard tool, also known as a skate tool, to tighten the screws.

I can tighten them just like I removed them.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Take Off Skateboard Trucks


How long does it take to remove trucks off a skateboard?

It depends since there are various methods and tools to use. I would say that people who are more experienced with this process can do it more quickly than those with less experience with it. Having a friend’s help will shorten the process, too.


Can I remove the screws off my skateboard?

It’s possible to remove these screws, yes. First, I have to put the skateboard on a flat and hard surface with the screws facing down. After that, I push down on the skateboard with plenty of pressure and force and that should get the screws out.



There is quite a bit that goes into taking the trucks off a skateboard. First, I remove the nuts and bolts by first putting the skate tool on the nut or bolt.

I then start turning my socket wrench and holding my screwdriver as I twist my screwdriver and squeeze down on the socket wrench until you remove all the bolts and nuts.

After that, gently take the skateboard truck off its screws and the process is complete.