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How to Loosen Trucks on Skateboard? Top Tips!

How to Loosen Trucks on Skateboard? Top Tips!

If your skateboard is not turning as sharp and tightly as you wish, it may be time to adjust the trucks.

Loosening the trucks can give you more maneuverability and flexibility on the board while tightening them may help give you more stability and a better sense of balance when riding.

Does it feel like your board’s trucks need some adjustments? It is easy to do!


How to Loosen Trucks on Skateboard?

Use an inexpensive skate tool or a half-inch socket wrench to loosen or tighten the trucks on a skateboard. Flip the board over to gain access to the wheels and trucks and turn the big nut in the center of each truck and between the wheels, clockwise to tighten, or counter-clockwise to loosen.


Loosening Skateboard Trucks

So, you want to loosen your skateboard trucks… Perhaps you want to ride over more rugged terrain looser trucks will absorb some of the bumpiness and help you maneuver the tough surfaces better.

Looser trucks help provide a softer landing, too, if you plan on doing tricks or flips. Keep in mind, though, that loose trucks make the wheels feel loose, too so you can feel less balanced and less stable when riding on very-loose trucks.

To loosen the trucks of your skateboard, use your skate tool or a half-inch socket wrench and locate the nut between the wheels on the underside of your board. Found it?

Using Skate Tool to Loosen Trucks

Turn this big nut counterclockwise to loosen the nut, truck, and wheels. This one nut is quite an important aspect of your skateboard.

Think about it, this one bolt has ultimate control over the tightness and rigidity of the trucks and wheels.

Without this one bolt, you would not be riding at all! Treat this bolt with respect and only tighten or loosen it with a proper tool, either the dedicated skate tool or a wrench.


Tightening the Skateboard Trucks

It is this simple loose trucks can make the wheels more flexible, but sometimes wiggly. If you feel like the board is not as stable as it once was, it could be helpful to tighten your trucks, which will, in turn, firm up the wheels.

To tighten the trucks, turn the nut clockwise with your skate tool (an excellent investment!) or half-inch socket wrench will work, too. You can feel the trucks and wheels getting tighter, so keep turning until you are satisfied.

Tightening Trucks on the Skateboard

If the board still seems loose or you feel like you have less balance than normal, adjust accordingly. Tighter trucks could mean more precision during difficult moves, tricks, or terrain.

It is always recommended that the rider test out the trucks and wheels, tightening and loosening as needed until they are pleased with the maneuverability as well as stability when riding the skateboard.

Testing Out Skateboard Trucks

Again, toss a wrench or tool in your skate bag so you are never caught without the right tension in your trucks and wheels!


Trucks on a Skateboard

Think of the trucks on your skateboard like the steering wheel of a car they are that important! Each of the trucks sits in-between a pair of wheels, helping to control turning, riding, and maneuvering.

Over time, the trucks can loosen up and become less responsive and a bit less stable. It is important to tighten them so that the wheels remain securely attached to the truck, as well as to improve control of the board.

If you’re unsure how or when to loosen the trucks, keep reading! If you feel less stable and off-balance when riding, it could be that your trucks need to be tightened.

However, if you feel that the board is less intuitive and harder to turn and perform tricks, the trucks may need to be loosened. Trial and error method’s the best way for you to be sure!


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Loosen Skateboard Trucks


What are the trucks on a skateboard?

Skateboard trucks are T-shaped hardware that is secured between the wheels on the underside of your board. The wheels are attached to the trucks- two on each truck, four wheels in all. The trucks help with maneuvering, steering, and riding the board.


How best can you tighten the trucks on a skateboard?

Use a skate tool or half-inch wrench to tighten and loosen the nut in the truck’s middle, between the wheels. Turn the nut clockwise to tighten the trucks, and in the opposite direction (counter-clockwise) to loosen the trucks.


How many bearings do you need on a skateboard?

A skateboard must have eight sets of bearings, that is, two bearings per each of the four skateboard wheels.


When should you tighten the trucks?

Tighten loose trucks that make the board seem loose and bumpy when riding. Tightening the trucks can create a smoother ride and provide more balance for the rider.


What is a skate deck?

The skate deck is the board part of your skateboard, which you stand on and lean onto to ride. The exact measurements of the deck depend on the type of board, the size of the rider, and the style of ride you are looking for.



It is easy to loosen or tighten the trucks on your skateboard, and it truly can make a big difference in how the board responds and performs.

Use these tips and a basic wrench or skate tool to loosen the trucks on your skateboard!