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How to Remove Skateboard Bearings — Best Guide!

How to Remove Skateboard Bearings — Best Guide!

There are a few reasons why you may need to remove the bearings from a skateboard, including replacing bad or worn bearings that can impact performance and maneuverability.

The reason why bearings go bad is typically due to terrain, which causes wear and tear on the skateboard and in particular the bearings.

It’s best to remove and replace your skateboard’s bearings in these situations.



How to Remove Skateboard Bearings

Remove the wheel first with a skate tool. If you don’t have one, use a half-inch socket wrench to remove them. You will also need to remove any bearing shields and spacers, but save the spacers to put back after you replace the wheels. Know that the spacers will fall out when the bearings are removed from your skateboard.


Skateboard Bearings

How to Remove Skateboard Bearings

How to Remove Skateboard Bearings

Need to remove your skateboard bearings? This could likely be the case if you frequently ride in areas that are rugged, rough, or excessively dusty.

You see, the dust and dirt can build up and impact the bearings over time. For some, this may happen frequently, while others may never experience worn-out bearings on their skateboards.

Skateboard Bearings Removal

Skateboard Bearings Removal

It is contingent on the frequency that you ride, the terrain that you choose, and the quality of board and bearings that you own.

Here are some tips to help when removing your skateboard bearings!

  • Prepare yourself for the task ahead by having the correct tool for the job on hand. In this case, that means investing a few bucks on a special skate tool or a simple half-inch socket wrench. This ensures you have what you need to get in and remove the bearings effectively.
  • Be aware that the bearing spacer will fall out as soon as the bearings have been removed.
  • You will need to remove the nut on the axle, located in the center of your board’s wheel. Use the tool or wrench to hook and access the axle, removing the nut. Be careful that you do not touch the wheel in the process.
  • After the axle nut has been removed, you can remove the wheel next. Be careful and treat your wheels with care during this process.
  • Once the wheel is removed, it should be visible. Use the wrench to pry on the sides of the wheel and gently get to the bearings. Are you going to clean and replace the same bearings? Be gentle and don’t lose them or do damage to them! If you don’t plan to reuse the bearings, it is less important to be careful with them which may make the job a bit swifter.

While you may not experience anything dramatic due to bad bearings, failure to deal with worn or damaged bearings can impact the quality of performance of the skateboard as well as your ability to maneuver and attain speeds during your ride.

Over time, the elements and environment can wreak havoc on the bearings.

Make sure to routinely remove the bearings as explained above to clean them in a mild solution that will remove dirt, grime, and grease. This should improve function and maneuverability plus, it is not difficult to do!

Removing Skateboard Bearings

Removing Skateboard Bearings

Use these tips to gently remove your bearings, assess the bearings’ condition, and clean or replace the bearings of the board.

The difference in how the skateboard rides and responds are noticeable and may greatly improve your own performance, as well!


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Remove Skateboard Bearings


Why do skateboard bearings get worn out?

Bearings get worn down a lot quicker if you skate where there is a lot of dust and dirt. Also, temperature extremes can take a toll on the skateboard’s bearings. The dirt and temperature fluctuations can cause stress and wear to the bearing’s inner rings, which merits replacement.


What bearings are best for a skateboard?

Many skating enthusiasts claim that ceramic bearings are best because they are lighter and more resistant than conventional bearings. They also say that these Swiss-made bearings last longer, too.


What kind of tool do you use to remove the skateboard wheels?

Got a specialized skate tool? That is all that you need to remove the bearings and wheels of a skateboard. You can pick one up at any skate shop. Don’t have a skate tool- use a half-inch socket wrench instead.


How many bearings does a skateboard need?

Conventional skateboards require eight skateboard bearings to function and perform properly.


How often should you clean your skateboard bearings?

Although it depends on how often you ride and the environment, you should only need to clean skateboard bearings every couple of months. If the terrain is quite dirty and dusty, you may need to clean the bearings more often, like every few weeks.


How do you grease skateboard bearings?

To clean and grease dirty skateboard bearings, first, remove the bearings and soak them in a solution deemed appropriate for skateboard hardware. Grease before resealing them in place.



It is helpful to know how to remove bad bearings from your skateboard so that you can replace them when they are worn or shoddy, as well as lubricate them as needed.

Bearings do not last forever and with wear and tear, the replacement frequency increases. The frequency may come down to the type of terrain that you choose to skate.