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Which Way Trucks Go on a Skateboard – I Know!

Which Way Trucks Go on a Skateboard – I Know!

Are you familiar how skateboard trucks look like? These t-shaped fixtures are secured to the deck and each of the two trucks on a board consists of a hanger, two washers, two bushings, and a mount.

The lower the trucks, the more stability on the board and the board will be closer to the ground. Higher trucks work best for boards with bigger wheels or when you skate on rough terrain and uneven surfaces.



Which Way do Trucks Go on a Skateboard?

There are 2 skateboard trucks that face each other. This is different for longboards, which have trucks facing on opposite sides of the axle. Two wheels are mounted to each truck, equating to four wheels on a standard size board. As for skateboards, the bushings face the bushings on the other truck.


Putting Trucks on a Skateboard

Half of the battle of putting trucks on a skateboard is understanding the anatomy of your board and the role that trucks play.

Turn over your board and look at the back of the skateboard’s deck this is where the truck will be installed for mounting wheels to your board.

Which Way Trucks Go on a Skateboard

Which Way Trucks Go on a Skateboard

Preparation is everything here; it is important to know where and what to use to secure the truck properly.

Remember that the truck has a baseplate that has four identical holes for attaching to the skateboard deck, and another two holes that are bigger that slip over the hanger.

First, you prepare the truck and wheels before you worry about securing through the four holes to the deck. Since there are two trucks on a board, the process explained will be repeated the same way for the other side and truck.

Preparing Skateboard Trucks

Preparing Skateboard Trucks

When done, the trucks will face each other when mounted.

Use kingpin nuts and bolts to secure. Once the bushings have been fitted to the ends of your kingpin, push it in and tighten with a wrench.

This will, again, be repeated for the second truck. This preparation must be done prior to trying to mount or attach the truck to your actual deck and board that comes next.

After you have prepared the trucks and wheels, it is time to use a screwdriver to attach to the deck through the four holes previously mentioned.

Use nuts to secure and stabilize each screw to the deck via the underside of the board.


Standard Kingpin Trucks on a Skateboard

Standard or mid-size skateboards typically use Standard Kingpin (SKP) trucks, and these are positioned and placed so that the bushings of each truck (there are two on each skateboard) face one another.

Remember that each truck has two wheels secured to it- in addition to other fixtures and hardware that will be covered later.

The truck has got a lot of responsibility when it comes to performance and maneuvering the board, helping to control balance, turning, and speed when you ride your board.

Another crucial fact to take note about trucks on a board are offered in various sizes. Which size is best?

Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard Trucks

Well, that depends on the size and style of your skateboard. For more stability and to ride closer to the ground, opt for low trucks that offer less height and more balance for moves and tricks.

Higher trucks work well for larger wheels that may be designed for rugged riding terrain. Mid-size trucks are fairly standard and versatile, so they make a good all-around choice.


Purpose of Skateboard Trucks

So, what is the purpose of the trucks? The skateboard trucks are responsible for how the board turns and how balanced you are when riding the board.

Many would assert that the trucks are the most important component of a skateboard as they secure and mount the wheels- and without them, you are likely to go nowhere.


Frequently Asked Questions about Which Way Trucks on a Skateboard Go


What is a skate truck?

Skateboard trucks are the metal T-shaped parts that attach to the underside of the deck, and your board’s wheels are secured to. Your skateboard should have two trucks that face each other for the four wheels on your board.


Is it easy to put a truck on a skateboard?

To familiarize yourself with the skateboard parts, start learning the assembly process. It is easy to learn how to attach trucks to your board’s deck, and typically takes less than a half-hour to complete using a tutorial or video.


What wheels should you use with a skateboard truck?

Standard trucks fall between low and high trucks in size and generally are around 50-53 mm. Skateboard wheels between 52 mm to 56 mm are a good mid-size option that works well with these standard-size trucks.


Where can you find a skateboard truck’s bushings?

The bushings help to control how the board turns and are located between the base plate and hanger on a board.


What’s the most vital skateboard part?

Many would argue that skateboard trucks are the most important part of any board due to the fact that they secure the wheels and other fixtures to the deck. Trucks are vital to how a skateboard responds, performs, and maneuvers without trucks, your wheels will simply not work.



As you can see, trucks are a vital component of any skateboard. Without them, you aren’t going anywhere!

Consider these tips and insights regarding the trucks of your board and their purpose in relation to skateboarding.