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How Much a Skateboard Weighs – Seriously?

How Much a Skateboard Weighs – Seriously?

Skateboarding’s a great way for moving around while also staying fit! But there are certainly some times when wheels simply won’t work so you may easily pick up and carry your board.

You may be wondering how viable this is for skateboarders of all ages and sizes is it difficult to carry around a skateboard? Not at all!

Do you know how much your skateboard weighs?


So, how Much Does a Skateboard Weigh?

A skateboard weighs between 7-11 pounds, although it may differ depending on the board’s components. Usually, the deck of a skateboard is usually two to five pounds (0.9-2.26 kg), the trucks weigh around one and a half pounds (or 700 g), and the wheels are another 0.5 pounds or 227 g.


Weight of a Skateboard

When it comes to a skateboard’s weight, the board itself usually weighs between 3.1 to 5 kilograms (7-11 pounds). It is the other necessary components of the board that increase the board’s overall weight up to 11 pounds, typically.

Remember that the weight of the board is not an indication of its longevity, the quality of the other components like wheels and trucks as well as the rigorous activity that it is put through can determine the skateboard’s lifespan.

Here is a bit more about skateboard components that any enthusiast should know about!


The Deck

How Much a Skateboard Weighs

How Much a Skateboard Weighs

The deck of the board is the flat part that you stand on it is typically made from wood, often maple or bamboo.

You will also find many other materials used which can affect the weight of the skateboard, like plastic, acrylic, and compound resins.

Some skateboard manufacturers also offer lighter-weight decks made from materials like wood composites and carbon that can be helpful when using the board for tricks and advanced maneuvers.

Pay attention to not just the weight of your board’s deck, but also the width. Look for narrower decks for more control when doing tricks, or wider decks when just starting out as a beginning skateboarder.

These wider boards are also great for downhill skateboard racing. Typically, buyers will find decks that range from 7.25 to 8.5 inches, so choose accordingly.

As for length, skateboard decks are usually 29 to 33 inches long.


The Wheels

Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard Wheels

Another element of your skateboard that will play a part in the overall weight of that board is the wheels. Usually, these are made of urethane plastic, which is durable and flexible to use.

The size of the wheels varies depending on your level of skill, your style of skateboarding, and how you plan to use the board.

Smaller wheels are good for tricks and flips but bigger wheels offer more stability for street skating. Wheels usually weigh around half of a pound.


The Bearings

Skateboard Bearings

Skateboard Bearings

You may forget to take into account the skateboard’s bearings when considering the overall weight of the board. A skateboard uses eight bearings two for each of the four wheels to perform and function.

Each bearing weighs around 13 grams depending on whether the bearings are made from ceramic (stronger and lighter) or steel (heavier and durable).


Weight of the Skateboarder

Now that you know the weights and purpose of your skateboard parts, what about the user themselves?

Always abide by the manufacturer’s recommended weight limits when selecting and using a board. The skateboard may support additional weight, but it can impact the control, maneuvering, and performance of the board which could cause a safety issue.

Some industry experts make the following recommendations pertaining to weight limits on a skateboard.

  • Weight limit of 200-220 pounds on a skateboard.
  • 300-pound weight limit on a longboard.
  • Weight limit of 330 pounds on an E-board.

Don’t let these generalized weight limits deter you if you want to skateboard!

Skateboarders of any size should be able to find a board that accommodates them, even if weight limits the activities and tricks that the board will be capable of.

Talk to a skateboard retailer to learn more!


Frequently Asked Questions about How Much a Skateboard Weighs


What is the maximum weight for using a skateboard?

For a regular skateboard, the typical weight limit is around 272.3 pounds- while the maximum weight for longboards is slightly higher, at around 300 pounds. While the board may withstand more weight, these are the recommendations for optimal speed and maneuverability during use.


What’s the maximum weight that a skateboard can safely support?

Most skateboard manufacturers suggest a weight limit of 200 pounds or 90 kg.


How much does a skateboard cost?

Price points for skateboards vary, from as little as $20 on up. Some boards may cost the buyer up to $300 or more!


Can weight affect the performance of your skateboard?

The more weight on the skateboard, the faster it may go but the user may experience less maneuverability and control over their board.


Can you lose weight with skateboarding?

Skateboarding’s another good method of getting the cardio exercise you need! It can be an effective way to lose weight when you regularly skateboard.


What size skateboard is best?

Adults should seek 7.5”-9” boards, while children are more suited to skateboards that are between 6.5” to 7.3”.



Expect your skateboard to weigh around ten pounds, in the event that you have to carry it for a prolonged period of time.

Skateboarding is an excellent way to get exercise and gain flexibility. Grab yours and get moving!