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What Are Skateboard Bushings? Read Here!

What Are Skateboard Bushings? Read Here!

A skateboard includes a variety of important components, such as the truck, wheels, and the actual board itself. However, the bushings are another critical part of the skateboard, too.

Since they are so critical, it is important to go into more detail about what they are and what they do for the skateboard.

This information is especially important for less experienced skateboarders, since they may not be quite as familiar with the board’s components as more experienced riders.


What are Skateboard Bushings?

A skateboard’s bushings are a pair of rubber rings that fit around the skateboard’s axle. The bushings are critical because they allow the board to spin smoothly. They’re also responsible for allowing the skateboard to rotate smoothly, as well.


How a Skateboard Bushing Functions

I can get skateboard bushings in a number of different forms. The skateboard bushings’ hardness can also vary, as well.

One thing to note is that skateboard bushings greatly impact how my skateboard performs and how it feels, too. Bushings make it easier for me to steer by leaning in a specific direction.

Other factors affect the steering as well. My weight, in addition to the level of pressure that I put on the skateboard, affects the steering, too.

Spinning on the skateboard causes the pressure I put on the bushings to compress. It also alters the angles of the hanger of my skateboard truck.

The term ‘rebound’ is used when I talk about bushings going back to their own original state. A skateboard’s pivoting cup is also crucial when I spin my skateboard, too.

Bushings come with an aside and a board edge. This is why one of them goes on the skateboard’s bottom and one of them goes on the skateboard’s top.

The lower or bottom bushing is what bears the majority of my weight. This is due to the fact that the bottom bushing is the closest one to the skateboard.

The bushing absorbs most of the force of me pressing on it. The top bushing undergoes a smaller amount of strain compared to the bottom bushing.

Once the bottom bushing has fully compressed, the top bushing keeps the skateboard’s truck together from that point.


Where the Bushings on the Skateboard are

What Are Skateboard Bushings

What Are Skateboard Bushings

As previously stated, each skateboard truck has two bushings. One of these bushings is the top bushing and the top bushing is the bushing that is responsible for making sure that the skateboard’s truck rotates smoothly.

The top bushing is located on the hanger. The skateboard’s truck also includes a bottom bushing, as well.

The bottom bushing’s found on the axle. More specifically, it’s between 2 parts: hanger and base plate.


Parts of A Skateboard Bushing

Another part of answering the question of what are skateboard bushings is identifying the parts that make up the bushing. One component of the skateboard bushing is the bushing seat.

The bushing seat is the scooped portion of the bushing that surrounds the bushing’s hanger aperture. The bushings fit into the hanger aperture.

Skateboard Bushing Seat

Skateboard Bushing Seat

The bushing seats make the bushings stronger. They also make sure that the bushings will not bend excessively under the force of the ride.

Another component of the skateboard bushings is the washer. The washer is the spherical metal part of the bushing and it goes underneath all of the bushings on the skateboard.

I can put the washers on by slipping the washers onto the skateboard’s axle. Washers prevent the skateboard bushings from becoming deformed because of the pressure on the trucks.

Skateboard Washers

Skateboard Washers

I get a total of four washers when I purchase a skateboard. In most cases, the washers will all come in the exact same size.

Some skateboard manufacturers do give you two larger bottom washers and two smaller top washers, though. The edges of these washers are somewhat curved or flat.


Differences Between Low-Quality Bushings and High-Quality Bushings

There are considerable differences between lower-quality skateboard bushings and high-quality bushings. The first difference is that low-quality bushings wear out much faster than high-quality bushings.

This means that I will have to purchase new bushings sooner if I buy low-quality bushings initially. Low-quality bushings also require more time in order to rebound and they are less sensitive than high-quality bushings.

The amount of time it takes for a bushing to rebound increases over time either way. High-quality bushings also provide you with better security, too.

I recommend that you purchase high-quality bushings if your budget allows. The initial cost’s higher, but the benefits far outweigh it in my opinion.


What Effect Tightening or Loosening the Bushings Have

If I tighten the bushings on my skateboard, then it means that the bushings are now ‘tough’. As a result, the skateboard as a whole is now better suited for performing feats.

However, I recommend that you loosen the bushings on your board if you want maximum mobility. I’ve noticed that the board moves more smoothly with looser bushings.

This is good for me when I am riding around the streets on my board or when I am cruising on it. Bushing tightness really comes down to personal preference in the end.

Naturally, I can change the tightness of the bushings on my skateboard as I wish as it’s a fairly simple process to complete.


Frequently Asked Questions about Skateboard Bushings


When is the best time to replace my skateboard bushings?

There’s no standard about the frequency of replacing skateboard bushings. It depends a great deal on how often I skate. However, I recommend replacing skateboard bushings when they create squeaking noises, crumble, become crushed, or have tears or cracks.


Should I check the skateboard bushings’ condition frequently?

I recommend that you take a look at the skateboard bushings and ensure they are in good condition if you skate frequently. Skateboard bushings in poor condition can make your rides both less enjoyable and less safe. I recommend that you do this once every couple of months if you ride your skateboard frequently.



Skateboard bushings are an important part of the skateboard. The bushings are two rubber rings that fit around the skateboard’s axle.

The bushings allow the board to both rotate and spin smoothly.

I recommend that you get high-quality skateboard bushings. These last longer and help you enjoy a better ride, too.