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How Much a Skateboard Costs – Let’s Find Out!

How Much a Skateboard Costs – Let’s Find Out!

If you are interested in skateboarding, you are likely wondering about the cost of a skateboard.

The good news is that skateboards are relatively affordable, but the actual cost of a skateboard does rely upon several factors.

While an estimated price range can be provided, you will need to consider the features that you are looking for and the retailer that you plan on purchasing your skateboard from.

So, how much does a skateboard cost? We’ll explore the average cost of skateboards in this article so that you can establish a budget and enter a store (or browse an online retailer) fully prepared and with no surprises from the merchant.


How Much Does a Skateboard Cost?

Skateboards cost anywhere between $20 to $500, with the actual price depending on several factors, including the type of skateboard, merchant, brand name, and overall quality of the board. For instance, a children’s skateboard will run you between $25 to $45, whereas a professional skateboard usually costs $100 to $250.


The Price of a Skateboard Depends on the Skateboard Type

While skateboards tend to cost anywhere from $20 to $500, that answer probably wouldn’t be very helpful.

Although the price of a skateboard depends on several factors, it is largely impacted by the type of skateboard that you are interested in purchasing.


Children’s Skateboards

Children's Skateboard

Children’s Skateboard

The most affordable type of skateboard is a children’s skateboard, which typically ranges from $20 to $45.

These boards are smaller-sized and come equipped with safety features to prevent scrapes and bruises from frequent falls.


Beginners’ Skateboards

Another affordable skateboard type is the beginners’ skateboard, which isn’t the highest quality board but is an ideal option for those who are interested in trying out skateboarding but aren’t ready to make a large investment or commit themselves to the sport.

Beginner’s skateboards will usually run you $40 to $70.


Classic Skateboards

Classic Skateboard

Now, if you are looking for a one-size-fits-all type of skateboard, you may want to go with the classic skateboard, which is versatile with most styles of skateboarding with the exception of basic cruising.

Classic skateboards are available in sub-categories that detail the board’s specific capabilities and usually cost $60 to $400.


Blank Skateboards

Blank Skateboards

Sure, designs and graffiti do look cool on a skateboard, but those features may cause the price of the skateboard to jump.

Alternatively, you could choose to go with a blank skateboard in a plain, solid color and forgo the fancy designs to save a few bucks. Blank skateboards typically cost $50 to $110.


Street Skateboards

Street Skateboards

These skateboards are designed specifically for fancy jumps, turns, and tricks at the skating park. If you are an advanced skateboarder who loves to show off your grinding and sliding skills, then a street skateboard is probably a good choice for you.

This type of skateboard may cost anywhere from $70 up to $200.


Longboard Skateboards

Longboard Skateboards

If you aren’t interested in attempting complicated tricks and are in the market for a skateboard to use for cruising to the convenience store, friend’s house, or afterschool job, then a longboard skateboard would be perfect for you.

While they lack the capacity for fancy tricks, they are ideal for beginner skateboarders and for those who use their skateboards to travel long distances.

If you want a long-board skateboard, you can expect to pay $60 to $500.


Professional Skateboards

Professional Skateboards

Even if you are skilled in advanced skateboarding techniques, there may still be no need for you to invest in a professional skateboard unless you are participating in tournaments. However, they are high-quality and relatively easy to use, so they are an option for beginners as well, albeit unnecessary.

If you skateboard professionally or are dedicated enough to invest in a high-quality skateboard, a professional skateboard costs an average of $100 to $250.


The Merchant, Brand, and Quality of the Skateboard Can Also Impact Price

Everyone knows that big-box retailers usually offer the best prices, but when it comes to a skateboard, you may want to pass up a deal in favor of quality.

Now, this doesn’t mean that higher prices are always necessary, as some private skate shops have been known to jack up prices on skateboards, solely based on demand for popular boards.

Even so, you typically find higher-quality skateboards at specialized skating stores.

Of course, quality and price may not always go hand in hand. There are reasonably priced skateboards on the market that perform at the same level as those of the more expensive ones.

In some instances, maybe you’re just paying more for the brand name. When shopping for a skateboard, it’s a good idea to shop around, read reviews, and get recommendations, so that you end up with the best skateboard you need-at the best price!


Frequently Asked Questions about How Much a Skateboard Costs


How Much Should a Beginner’s Skateboard Cost?

Although you can find very affordable beginner skateboards, it’s best to choose one with a sturdy deck as you will likely fall a lot when you are first starting out. It’s recommended to fork out about $130 for your first skateboard.


How Much Does a Skateboard Usually Cost?

Well, that’s hard to say. The cost of a skateboard ranges from $20 to $500, but it depends on the type of skateboard, brand name, merchant, and quality.



Hopefully, this answered your queries as to a skateboard’s costs.

If you shop around and ask for recommendations, you should be able to find a skateboard that fits both your needs and your budget.