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How to Hang a Skateboard on a Wall — Be Careful!

How to Hang a Skateboard on a Wall — Be Careful!

I have been an avid skateboarder all of my life, and like most other enthusiasts, I have accumulated quite the collection of boards.

Most of these have been well-used, but others are more visual trophies than functional boards. Finding ways to display these on my wall at home can be a challenge.

Skateboards usually have amazing artwork on the underside of the deck, and others have great stories to tell with their grind scars.

Finding a safe and secure way to hang skateboards is essential to owning such a large collection and displaying these effectively. Luckily, I’ll share all the secrets to hanging your skateboard effectively on a wall.

Before you decide how you want to hang your skateboard, you should ask yourself whether you will be taking the skateboard down to use or if it will be used as artwork only.

This will determine which hanging method is best for your board and your lifestyle.


How to Hang a Skateboard on a Wall

Hanging a skateboard on a wall can be done with the trucks on or off. This means you can hang your board facing in or facing out. There are different methods to hang a skateboard such as using a skateboard rack, hanging by a nail or anchor screw, or using a specialized invisible mounting system.


Methods in Hanging a Skateboard You Are Using on a Wall

There are several ways to hang a skateboard on a wall. Let’s look at the functional board hanging systems first:


Method One: A Skateboard Rack

Skateboard Rack

Photo Credit: @andy_gerber on Instagram!

When you are still using your skateboard, you can store it propped up against the wall, but this will damage the wall and your board.

It’s best to invest in a skateboard rack that you can mount on the wall.

I like a board rack such as this one from Amazon. It’s easy to mount on a wall.

All you need are some hanger screws, an electric drill, and a little patience. Be sure to place this rack where you won’t be passing close by as you wouldn’t want to hook the rack or your board when walking past.


Method Two: A Rope Hanger

This is one of my favorite ways to hang a board that I still use to skate with frequently. You will need about 17 inches of rope and a screw or nail in the wall.

I also like using the coat hooks at the backs of my bedroom door for this hanging system.

Loop the rope around the backset of trucks. Be sure to use a good-quality granny knot that won’t come loose suddenly.

Once you have looped the rope and knotted it, simply hook this onto the nail or wall screw. Your board will hang with the trucks facing outward, and removing it is as simple as unhooking and unlooping.


Methods for Hanging Skateboard Art

So, if you have a great skateboard collection for art, then you would want to use any of these methods:


Method One: Using a Deck Dock

Deck Dock

Photo Credit: @ojr555 on Instagram!

A Deck Dock is a nifty product that hangs your board decks almost invisibly as if the deck is floating off the wall. It’s easy to use as well.

Using a screwdriver or socket set, remove the fittings holding both your board trucks in place. Attach the Deck Dock unit to the deck using the provided 3M tape.

The dock unit can accommodate various screw types to attach to the wall with. You can choose to hang the skateboard with the underside out or the deck side out.


Method Two: Using a Hook Hanging System

Being a skater, I like a grungy look almost as much as I like the floating look of the Deck Dock.

A cheap DIY system is to use two brackets or cup hooks to suspend a steel rod or tube just like you would mount a towel rail.

Next, I join two large S-hooks with a zip tie before popping these onto the rod with the joined curve of the S. I can hook the board trucks onto the bottom curves of the S-hooks, making an effective and affordable hanging system.


Method Three: Install a Skateboard Rack

A skateboard rack can store boards that are in use, and it can also store boards that are on display. If I use one for boards that are in use, I merely find a rack that is sturdy and won’t let the boards slip off.

However, if I am hanging display boards or decks, then I want to ensure the angle of the rack sections is at least 60° from the floor. This ensures the board artworks are on full display.

Using good quality screws and drywall anchors is essential to ensure the rack doesn’t come tumbling down. With a pre-constructed rack, it is a simple matter of asking a skating buddy to hold the rack against the wall, then measuring the mounting plates or holes with a pencil.

Remove the rack, drill the appropriate holes, fit the plastic anchors, hold the rack back in place, thread the screws, and tighten. Test the rack by giving it a few good tugs to ensure it is properly fastened to the wall.

Have fun arranging your boards or decks on the shelves or rack compartments.


Frequently Asked Questions about Hanging a Skateboard on a Wall


How do you hang a skateboard on the wall without nails?

Simply use a shoelace or a piece of string to create a loop around one set of trucks. Next knot the loop in place with a granny knot, ensuring the knot won’t slip loose. Hook the loop over a wall screw or another hook that is already in your home. Even a door handle can hold the loop and board.


How do you vertically hang a skateboard deck on the wall?

To hang a board or deck vertically, you would need a wall mount. Check if the board will fit with the trucks facing in or out when the wall mount is in place. If your board doesn’t fit with the wheels facing in, then you may need to remove the trucks to hang the deck only.


The Final Mounting

I hope you will have as much fun as I did with hanging all my skateboards. They are beautiful artworks, and with or without trucks, they can be hung on a string or on a mounting unit.

You can choose to hang your boards vertically with hooks, or you can use a horizontal rack to hang the board parallel with the floor.