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The Best Snowboard Brand — All You Need to Know

The Best Snowboard Brand — All You Need to Know

Snowboards are a snow-bound combo surfboard and skateboard. Snowboarders, however, are a breed apart.

To us, snowboarding is more than just a sport.

Don’t let our seemingly casual attitude fool you. We’re passionate about our interest in snowboarding.

Since we love snowboarding, it’s only natural that we want the ‘bestest’ snowboard ever from the bestest brand. Yet, there are various things to think about before diving head-first into a snowboard shop.

For example, what length should the snowboard be? What breadth?

And anyway, what is the best snowboard brand?


What is the best snowboard brand?

As of late 2021, Ride is the best snowboard brand.


How to Determine the ‘Best’ Snowboard Brand

I review two snowboard brands below. The overall best snowboard brand and the best sportsperson’s snowboard brand.

You see, most people aren’t snowboard superstars on the hills, so getting the best sportsperson’s snowboard brand is not only going to be something of a waste of money, but it’s also more than likely that you’re not going to get the best out of the snowboard.

It would be like spending a thousand dollars on a specialist wok only to end up boiling eggs in it.


Ride Snowboards

I rate Ride Snowboards as best overall in the class. I’m impressed by the brand’s flamboyant use of cutting-edge technology, which they combine with premium quality.

I think what really makes the difference with Ride’s snowboards is their Membrain® top-sheet technology.

Ride’s Membrain® technology injects urethane into the cloth on the top sheet. This results in an extremely lightweight yet tough and rugged snowboard.

I cannot lie, it also adds a little something extra in that Ride can print graphics and make textures onto the top-sheet, which makes every one of their snowboards stand out.

If you care about a green planet, Ride is also committed to renewable manufacturing. Ride uses biodegradable wax to finish its boards.

Another nice touch is that Ride uses minimal – and recyclable – packaging.



  • Lightweight
  • Membrane top sheet technology
  • Sustainable manufacturing



  • Super Expensive


Burton Snowboards

For me, Burton is the best specialist snowboard brand. Burton is also probably the best-known brand in the snowboard manufacturing industry.

Everyone knows Burton snowboards for their unique mix of the best cutting-edge technology in snow sports and top-grade graphics.

Looking at leading performers today who all ride on Burtons, you might be forgiven for thinking that Burtons gives them an edge. The urge you could have is to splurge out on one, but that’s not how the cookie crumbles.

Here’s the secret: you have to know what you’re doing to take advantage of a Burtons snowboard, and that only comes with gazillions of hours of dedicated practice and a not inconsiderable dollop of talent.

Burton is also a leading sustainability brand. Burton’s hasn’t lacquered their boards since 2020.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has certified every Burton snowboard core.

It’s noteworthy that some of the world’s best snowboarders swear by Burtons. I’m speaking here of the likes of Mark McMorris, Shaun White, Kelly Clark, and Terje Haakonsen.



  • Burton no longer lacquers boards (starting in 2020)
  • Superb finishing
  • FSC certified



  • Super expensive

A Little Flexibility Goes a Long Way

How a snowboard functions has a lot to do with its versatility. A major component of a snowboard’s versatility comes from its flexibility.

Snowboard suppleness is reckoned on a scale that goes from 1 to 10. On that scale, soft boards are rated as 1-2, medium boards 3-5, rigid 6-8, and extremely stiff 9-10.

These standardized ratings aren’t perfect. There is still variation in feel and performance between snowboards from different brands.

Nevertheless, they have to make do, and so we make do.


Main points to Take Away from the Flexibility Scores


Softer Flex snowboards

Softer flex snowboards are generally looser at high speeds. They are more flexible, they are easier to flip, and there’s a great choice of them for beginners.

Softer flex boards work well for lighter-weight folk too.


Stiffer Flex snowboards

Designed for backcountry or freeride use, stiffer flex snowboards hold their edge better and remain stable at high speeds.

This makes them ideal for experienced riders who want the thrill of a demon-fast ride.

However, stiffer boards can be problematic for lighter riders to bend correctly, no matter how experienced they are. They are definitely inadvisable for beginners.


Different Types of Snowboards



All-mountain snowboards can handle any terrain.



Freestyle Snowboard

These snowboards are great for any terrain park.



Freeride Snowboard

Use your snowboard to freeride on virtually any terrain, even ungroomed snow.



Powder Snowboard

These are best if you have to snowboard in deep powder.




For backcountry snowboarding aficionados.


Frequently Asked Questions about What the Best Snowboard Brand is


Should you be as tall as your snowboard?

Beginners and freestyle riders should seek out shorter-length boards (so that’s snowboards that just about reach up to your nose). Longer boards can reach past your nose to just above your head. Longer boards are best suited for high-speed riding and powder snow.


How can I tell if my snowboard is too short?

If your snowboard is too short or you are too heavy for the snowboard, it will sink into the snow like a stone. That will be because the board’s surface area isn’t large enough to distribute your weight over a sufficiently large area.


Afterword: What is the Best Snowboard Brand

There are so many options for snowboards that it can be challenging to choose the right one.

There are many factors like the shape, width, skill level, size, and snow conditions all play a role in choosing the right board.

Although you’ll want your snowboard to hang tough when you’re riding over difficult terrain, you’ll still need it to be responsive and ‘poppy’.

A properly sized snowboard should have a large surface area so that it is easy to turn on the snow and provides maximum precision.