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How To Snowboard in Powder — Pro Snowboarder Tips!

How To Snowboard in Powder — Pro Snowboarder Tips!

There are plenty of things that I have to know how to do in order to snowboard properly. Among those skills you should master, knowing how to snowboard in powder properly.

I have to follow several steps in order to snowboard well in these conditions. Here is what I need to know so that I can snowboard in powder and have fun while doing so.


How to Snowboard in Powder

Set your stance roughly an inch back on your snowboard. Instead of closed turns, use open turns so that you can turn quickly on the powder. You should also make sure to shift your hips and distribute the weight more evenly on your snowboard.


Take Your Stance Properly

It is understandable if I want to run to the hill as fast as possible if it is a great day for snowboarding. However, it is best to take my time and follow the proper steps to snowboard in powder the right way.

One of these steps is to make sure to set my stance approximately an inch back on my snowboard. Doing so usually makes sure that my board has a shorter tail and a longer nose.

Putting my weight on the snowboard’s back is one part of this. It also makes sure that my board’s nose can rise up through the powder on the ground more easily.


Better Use Open Turns Instead of the Closed Ones

The powder has a tendency to slow down snowboarders. I can help mitigate this by altering the shape of my turns.

Open turning might sound challenging, but it’s actually quite a simple technique that you can use. An open turn is the fastest type of turn that I can use.

An open turn means that the snowboard does not go completely across the fall line. Closed turns refer to turns where the snowboard moves across the fall line during every single turn.

Closed turns will slow me down.


Choose Your Snowboard Carefully

Another thing that I can do in order to snowboard in powder well is to select my snowboard with great care.

Snowboards have undergone quite a bit of development over the years, from their chambers to the shapes of the boards themselves.

Naturally, these all have advantages and disadvantages. If I go on a trip where a few ‘powder’ days are a certainty, then I should consider getting a specialist powder board.

A board that includes a rising tail and nose is another option. These sorts of boards could be either a hybrid or even a full rocker.

In either case, this helps to ensure that the nose of my snowboard doesn’t go under the powder. If it does, then this could make me slow down quite a bit.


Ride The Snowboard Using Less Edge Angle

Something else to keep in mind is that I can control my speed using the edges of my snowboard. However, if I use an edge angle that is overly aggressive in powder, that can make my snowboard’s nose sink.

This results in a loss of speed. It can even result in me landing in the powder myself.

This is precisely why it is a good idea to ride the snowboard using a lower edge angle. Since the base is flatter, this helps make sure that the snowboard remains on top of the snow where it should be.

I have found that there are some people who compare both this sensation and this technique more specifically to surfing. I can’t make up my mind on agreeing with that, but I can see the comparison somewhat.


Start Riding Powder As Early As Possible

I would also recommend that you go out there and ride powder on your snowboard early. Doing so is likely to improve the riding experience overall, I have found.


How to Ride on Powder if You’re a Beginner

In this case, I would advise you to be very careful if you are going to ride powder. In general, I would not recommend that inexperienced snowboarders ride powder too often.

This is simply due to the fact that riding powder can prove frustrating for inexperienced snowboarders. Even for more experienced snowboarders, riding powder is not the easiest thing to do.


How to Snowboard in Powder

How to Snowboard in Powder


How to Turn My Snowboarder Properly In The Powder

There are a number of things that I have to know to turn my snowboarder properly in powder. If I am planning on doing a toeside turn in the powder, I first need to know the terrain well.

I would advise that you learn how to do toeside powder turns in a snowfield that doesn’t have any features. I would recommend ensuring that the snow is not hiding any concealed tree stumps or rocks, for example.

Toeside turning means that I am putting my knee into the ground at a fairly high speed, after all.

If I want to turn properly, I also have to make sure the snowboard’s nose does not sink. But, it’s not that I recommend leaning back, though.

Instead, I advise that you use your rear foot to apply additional pressure and push the snowboard’s tail into the snow until the board begins floating. In this case, it’s best to remain balanced on the board.

I can turn in powder by leaning on the edge of my toe. After that, I should crouch down and bend my back leg so I can use all of that power that I have built up.

This will get me going in my desired direction. I have to twist my upper body so my back hand points in the direction that I am trying to go.

I also have to push my back foot hard if I want to kick up a plume of snow. I can create a bigger plume of snow based on how hard and how long I can do this.

However, if this is not what I want, then this is not the way to go about this. I strongly advise you against this move if you’re not that experienced at riding powder.

You can start with learning how to turn on a snowboard before leveling up and applying your newly learned turning skills on powder.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Snowboard in Powder


How long does it take to learn how to snowboard in powder?

For me, it depends on your ability to learn quickly, to be honest. Some people learn how to ride powder more quickly than others. I will add that you shouldn’t get discouraged if it takes you some time to learn how to ride powder.


When riding powder, what’s the best snowboard to use?

Again, this is difficult to answer, since it is a subjective question. However, there are many excellent snowboards for riding powder. I’d recommend checking out multiple snowboards to see which one suits your snowboarding style and personal preferences.



Snowboarding in powder requires me to use open turns rather than closed turns. I also have to set my stance back on my snowboard roughly an inch.

I also have to distribute my weight evenly by shifting my hips. There are a lot of steps to snowboarding in powder, so I would recommend that you take your time to learn all of them.

It is better to ride powder properly and safely.