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How Much It Costs to Rent a Snowboard — Find Out Here!

How Much It Costs to Rent a Snowboard — Find Out Here!

When you don’t own your gear, snowboarding costs can quickly pile up regarding rentals.

However, renting the equipment you’ll need to snowboard is incredibly convenient if you don’t hit the slopes very often.

Planning a snowboarding trip means you’ll probably be asking yourself, at some point, how much does it cost to rent a snowboard?

The answer varies according to the location, with the size and popularity of the resort or slope coming into play.


How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Snowboard?

Across the United States, renting a snowboard will run you between $30 and $100 each day. Again, that depends on the type of snowboard you rent and the location in which you’re renting it. It’s always a good idea to call ahead to see how much renting a snowboard daily on your ski trip will cost you.


Renting a Snowboard

Snowboard rentals are an excellent way for ski resorts to make money, so the prices depend on the resort itself.

It might be less expensive to purchase a snowboard in some cases, but if that doesn’t make sense to your lifestyle, then there’s not much sense behind the decision.

When planning your trip, make sure that you call around to determine what you’ll have to pay out of pocket to rent a snowboard for the duration of your trip.

Because a snowboard is a crucial part of having a day or extended trip to a ski resort, you’ll want to have the situation figured out well in advance.



Off-Site Rentals

If you want to save a little money, you should consider renting a snowboard off-site. That means renting from a location, such as a store specializing in winter sports gear, that isn’t on the resort property.

Depending on how far away you live from your skiing destination, you can rent your snowboard from a retailer close to your home or nearer to the slopes.

This decision depends on how far you want to travel with a snowboard packed into your car. In some instances, they can occupy a bit of room.

Choosing to rent from an off-site retailer is typically less expensive than renting from the resort itself.

Again, you can do a bit of research into how much you’ll have to pay daily and go with the store that will give you the best deal!


On-Site Rentals

Renting at the resort or ski slope is a path that most people choose because it’s incredibly convenient. You can arrive at the resort without stopping to pick up your rented snowboard or worrying about finding the space to pack it up in your car.

Of course, call the resort ahead of time so you can ensure that they have a snowboard available for you to rent that fits you correctly.

It’s not to say that resorts are short on rental supplies, but they may not have as many choices as retailers near you or close to the slopes.

On-site rentals might be in better shape than off-site, but chances are, they’re going to cost you more as well. Also, it’s crucial to consider the condition of the rental that an off or on-site location gives you.

You want a snowboard that will be able to carry you safely down the slopes, and if it’s not been taken care of, you could find it harder to navigate the snow.


Making a Final Decision

If you snowboard often, it makes way more sense for you to purchase a snowboard than rent one.

This investment isn’t a significant commitment, but snowboard ownership is likely more budget-friendly if you hit the slopes more than three times a year.

If you decide to rent them, know the general cost window, which falls between $30 and $100 per day, depending on where you rent.

Going on an extended trip means you might want to buy a snowboard because it could easily cost $400 to $500 just to rent one.


Frequently Asked Questions about How Much it Costs to Rent a Snowboard


How much does a snowboard rental from the resort costs?

If you rent from the resort or the location in which you plan to ski, you’ll want to make sure it’s worth the money. It will likely cost close to $100 each day, and for that, it may be less expensive for you to purchase one.


How much will I pay for renting a snowboard off-site?

Off-site retailers are usually less expensive than renting from the resort. Plan on $30 to $50 each day, but it could be less! Many of these places offer fantastic snowboards for rent in excellent condition, with various sizes available.


Is renting a snowboard worth it?

If you snowboard once per year, yes, renting a snowboard for your annual trip is well worth the money. If you often snowboard, investing in a good board saves you money in the long term.



Renting a Snowboard: A Review

You can rent a snowboard from the ski slope location or a local retailer specializing in selling winter sports gear.

When discussing how much does it cost to rent a snowboard, it all comes down to how much you want to spend.

Off-site locations are usually much cheaper than the on-site renting process. Do your research, and then decide what will work best for you!