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How Much Does a Snowboard Cost — Any Ideas?

How Much Does a Snowboard Cost — Any Ideas?

What you decide to spend on your snowboard is entirely up to you. However, it would help to consider how much time you devote to snowboarding before establishing your price range.

Those that spend quite a bit of time on the slopes likely know the answer to how much does a snowboard cost.

On the other hand, for those that are new to snowboarding, this information may be completely foreign.

Like most commodities, shopping for snowboards comes with a wide range of prices and quality standards. Brand reputation is important to consider, as well as safety and fit.

All of these things will affect the cost of your new board.


How Much Does a Snowboard Cost

Most people that enjoy snowboarding routinely spend anywhere from $200 to $400 on their snowboards. You can also purchase snowboards at the expense of $50 to $150 either previously owned or by a less-known brand. High-end luxury brand snowboards can sell for up to $8000 dollars.


Deciding on a Snowboard

If you’ve decided to move ahead with purchasing a snowboard, first, you want to consider how much time you spend snowboarding.

If it’s quite a lot of time, and you’ve been renting your snowboard until now, then you’ll likely want to spend a good chunk of change on your gear.

On the other hand, if you only head out to the slopes a couple of times each season, it’s not a bad idea to go with something previously owned or new but on the less expensive side.

You can order your snowboard online, but be sure that you go into a retail location and get your snowboard fitted in person.


Pricing Your Snowboard

Because the snowboard price range is incredibly expansive, pricing out what you want to spend is the best way to jumpstart your journey.

When you have a general idea of your budget, you can shop for snowboards without falling in love with one that’s too expensive or short-changing yourself by purchasing one of low quality.


Low Prices

A snowboard that’s priced low doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a poor-quality snowboard.

It may not be as well-made, but if you don’t plan on snowboarding very often, chances are, you’ll do well with a snowboard priced in the $150-$250 range.

Remember, you can buy them used, so it doesn’t hurt to check if you can purchase a board manufactured by a reputable snowboard brand for half the price! You never know what you’ll find.


Common Price Range

The most common price range for snowboards is the $200 to $400 range. Within this price range, you’ll find well-made boards by the big shots, such as Burton.

Many people that snowboard, whether they’re always on the slopes or only visit once a year, own a snowboard in this price range.

By staying within the most commonly shopped price bracket, you can ensure that you’ll get a quality board that will last without overspending. Plus, the resale value is better on boards by established brands.


High-End Price Range

Snowboards that run at the high-end of the typical snowboard price range aren’t usually necessary to have unless you’re boarding professionally or you have the money to spend.

If either of those things describes you, then you’re in luck because it can be enjoyable to shop for boards that sit in the high price range.

For example, celebrity-endorsed boards might cost a pretty penny, while luxury brands like Dior sell snowboards for upwards of $8,000.

Again, while fun to have, these boards are rarely necessary to have a fantastic time on the slopes. They’re mostly for show.


Ensuring You Don’t Overspend

Because snowboards differ so much in price, it can be hard to tell when you’re overspending and when you’re getting a good deal.

Make sure to do plenty of consumer research, so you can decide through customer reviews what board will work best for you.

Choose a well-known brand that offers an array of differently-priced snowboards.

When you’re shopping, please speak with an employee or professional about your needs and ask them to point you in the right direction.

The internet’s full of questions about the cost of snowboards because the prices can vary so much.

It’s hard to tell if you’re getting a great deal when you’re unsure what price range is sensible.


Frequently Asked Questions about How Much a Snowboard Costs


How much should I spend on my snowboard?

Ultimately, the amount you spend is up to you, but be confident it aligns with how often you plan to use the snowboard and your skill level. Don’t buy a board you can’t handle and don’t choose anything too flimsy.


How much does a snowboard usually cost?

Typically, snowboarders sit within the $200 to $400 price bracket when choosing a board. Snowboards priced this way are popular because they cater to beginners and advanced snowboarders.


How do I know if I’m already overspending on my snowboard?

Do your research before you buy. While we can point you in the right direction and give you an idea of how much snowboards cost, consumers will provide more information through their reviews.


Spending and Snowboards

What you spend on a snowboard is what you’ll get. If you go cheap, you’ll get cheap.

Staying right in that neutral bracket of not too inexpensive and not overpriced is where you want to be!

You don’t have to crack open your savings account to purchase a snowboard that will work for you. All you need is to shop around, and you’ll eventually find the board for you.