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What Size Snowboard Bindings You Need — Top Tips!

What Size Snowboard Bindings You Need — Top Tips!

When started learning the snowboarding basics, I didn’t know the importance of choosing the right snowboard bindings.

In fact, I went with bindings that looked super cool and hip at the shop, only to find when I wanted to hit the slopes that my boots didn’t fit into the boot placement area.

Plus, and this was more of a shock to me at that stage, the bolt mounting pattern didn’t fit my snowboard.

I was bummed, and instead of trying out the slopes and enjoying the cold and exercise, I had to go back to the shop and ask for help this time. This is what I learned:


What Size Snowboard Bindings Do I Need?

In general, bindings come in 3 sizes, ranging from small to large. Yet, some brands have an x-small or x-large size. A general guide to follow would be to opt for small bindings if your boot size is a US 5, 6, or 7, a medium for boot sizes from 8 to 10, and a large for bigger boot sizes.


Why Are the Correct Size Snowboard Bindings So Important

When I was at the shop to buy my first snowboard board bindings, I was very lucky to chat with a professional snowboarder. I feel like I got some inside info that a normal shop assistant wouldn’t know.

Your snowboard bindings should be the correct size, and there should be no skimping on getting the right size. If you think about it, the bindings connect you to your snowboard.

Knowing this, I definitely want to ensure I’m “properly connected” to my snowboard.

Going a step further, as you move the muscles in your legs, you need to communicate with the snowboard where you want it to go, thus the bindings transfer that “energy” or power to the snowboard.

Incorrect bindings mean that the power transfer won’t be as effective so you can’t control your board with ease.

Absorbing the vibrations as you go down a slope may also be painful if the bindings are the wrong size.

The first bindings that I got were too small. This meant that I couldn’t properly fit my boot in the bracket, and I couldn’t buckle it either.

I was honestly scared that if I forced my boots in, the bindings would break, and I definitely didn’t want that going down a slope at high speed. Can you imagine?

The opposite where the snowboard bindings are too big is just as dangerous. Your boots easily slide around and there’s almost no support in the binding.


Factors That Influence Your Snowboard Bindings Size

There are a few factors that affect the size of the snowboard binding size I needed:


The Size and Shape of Your Snowboard Boot

Firstly, your snowboard boots size has a direct influence over the bindings size you need. Most snowboard bindings come in three sizes, from small to large.

Typically, you may find that medium bindings are best for boots in sizes 7, 8, and 9.


Your Gender

Your gender factors into what snowboard boots you buy, as well as the bindings. For men, their snowboard bindings are wider to accommodate the wider and bulkier foot of a man, whereas, for a woman, the bindings are narrower and based on a woman’s foot and boot.

If your child is learning to snowboard, then you want to look at kid’s snowboard bindings that are smaller versions of men’s and women’s binding and better suited for children.


Snowboard Bindings Brand

Another factor that influences what size bindings you get for your snowboard and boots is the brand.

Not all snowboard binding brands are made equal, and with no industry standard, you may find that you need a small in one brand and a medium in another.

Thus, it’s best to check the sizing guide for the brand of bindings you are looking to buy.


A Snowboard Bindings Sizing Guide

Generally, I’ve found that most snowboard bindings come in small, medium, and large. However, I’ve also seen x-small and x-large bindings.

I’ve compiled a general snowboard binding guide with what size shoes will fit what bindings, and then also brand-specific ones.


A General Snowboard Bindings Size Guide

The boot sizes below and throughout the article are US sizes.

Choose small bindings if you wear boots in sizes 5, 6, and 7.

Medium bindings work with boots that are sized 8, 9, and 10.

Opt for large snowboard bindings if your shoe size is a 10 and larger.

Kindly also note that sometimes there is an overlap with the bindings and the shoe sizes.

With this, I mean that you may be a size 7 and be able to comfortably fit your boot into small or medium bindings.

If you are a size 10, then technically, medium or large bindings will work and fit snuggly. However, it is best to fit the bindings before you buy.


Brand-Specific Snowboard Bindings Size Guide

Here are the snowboard bindings sizes according to boot size for men and ladies:




For men:
  • Small: 6-8
  • Medium: 9-11
  • Large: 11+


For ladies:
  • Small: 4-6
  • Medium: 6-8
  • Large: 8+




For men:
  • Medium: 5.5-8
  • Large: 8.5-10.5
  • X-large: 11-14


For ladies:
  • Small: 4-6.5
  • Medium: 7-9.5
  • Large: 10-12




For men:
  • Small: 4.5-7.5
  • Medium: 7-9.5
  • Large: 9+


For ladies:
  • X-small: 4-6.5
  • Small: 5.5-8.5
  • Medium: 8-10.5


Flux (Transfer Base)


For men:
  • Small: 5-7.5
  • Medium: 7-9.5
  • Large: 9+




For men:
  • Small: 7-9
  • Medium: 9-11
  • Large: 11-13


For ladies:
  • Small: 5-7
  • Medium: 7-9



For men:
  • Small: 6-7.5
  • Medium: 8-10
  • Large: 10.5+
For ladies:
  • Small: 4-6.5
  • Medium: 7-8.5
  • Large: 9-11




For men:
  • Small: 3-7
  • Medium: 6.5-10
  • Large: 10-15


For ladies:
  • Small: 4-8
  • Medium: 7.5-11
  • Large: 11.5+




For men:
  • Medium: 5-9
  • Large: 8-12
  • X-large: 11-15


For ladies (Hue & Meridian):
  • Medium: 6-10


For ladies (Bedford & Cassette):
  • Small: 3-6
  • Medium: 6-9
  • Large: 9-12


Frequently Asked Questions about Snowboard Bindings Sizes


How will I know the correct size of snowboard bindings for me?

While there isn’t an industry norm for snowboard bindings, you’ll find them in small, medium, and large sizes. Sometimes, the bindings come in x-small and x-large bindings too. Choose a small binding for boot sizes 5, 6, or 7, medium for boot size 8, 9, or 10, and large for boot size 10 or bigger.


Is there a one-size-fits-all bindings to snowboards?

Not all bindings fit all snowboards. However, when you buy snowboard bindings, it may have multiple baseplates that help with compatibility with the snowboards. Some Burton snowboards feature a 3D diamond-shaped pattern that’s only found on these boards, while other mounting patterns are 2×4 or 4×4.


Does it matter what size bindings you get?

It most certainly matters what size snowboard bindings you get. Going with what looks cool may mean the bindings aren’t the correct size for you. Bindings should snuggly grip your snow boot so you’ll be able to easily buckle your boot.


The Final Bind

There you have it. You now know why snowboard bindings in the right size are vital and what size bindings work for which boot size.

Remember to also consider your snowboard’s width and your gender.

Happy shopping!