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Where to Snowboard in Colorado — Brilliant!

Where to Snowboard in Colorado — Brilliant!

As the seasons change and we all stare into the face of winter, there are a few things we have to look forward to, such as cozy blankets, chunky sweaters, and snowboarding.

Winter sports are what make winter bearable, and if you love to snowboard, you’ve likely wondered (or maybe you already know) where to snowboard in Colorado.

Possibly one of the most beautiful mountainous areas in the United States, Colorado is known for snow, skiing, and, in more recent years, snowboarding.

There are plenty of places to snowboard across the state, but which sites are the best?


Where to Snowboard in Colorado

The best places to snowboard in Colorado are Aspen, Vail, Telluride, Beaver Creek, Buttermilk, and Avon. There are certainly more, but the locals will likely tell you that you can’t go wrong with picking up your snowboard and hitting the slopes at the places mentioned above.


Finding the Perfect Snowboarding Spot

No matter their skill, each snowboarder has their preferences for the consistency of the snow, the density of the crowd, and the landscape surrounding the slopes.

Not to mention the quality and comfort level of the resort itself!



Snowboarding in Aspen

A Colorado classic, even those who have never been to Colorado have probably heard of Aspen. The town is beautiful and quaint, and skiers and snowboarders head out in droves every winter.

Snowboarding in Colorado means that you can hit the slopes more often throughout the year, as the season opens earlier and closes later than anywhere else in the United States.

Aspen Snowmass is a Colorado hot spot, with four prime ski spots located in Aspen and Snowmass. The entire area is very family-friendly, offering over 3000 acres of skiing terrain, including Buttermilk Mountain.



Snowboarding in Vail

Vail is an incredible town, snuggled up under Vail Mountain, that looks like it came straight out of a storybook. You can’t go on a snowboarding trip to Colorado and leave Vail off your list of places to visit.

There are beautiful privately-owned hotels and B&B’s to accommodate your stay and plenty to do when you’re not snowboarding.

Vail compares to Aspen in sheer size when it comes to locations to ski and snowboard.

Many visitors prefer to fly into Denver and shuttle to Vail, but if you’re mentally prepared to take a drive along steep mountain roads, the view is worth the white-knuckles.



Snowboarding in Telluride

We’ve all heard a country singer or two sing about Telluride, and the location deserves every shout-out it gets.

While Telluride is more remote than Vail or Aspen, set in the San Juan Mountains, the mountain thrills are unlike any other.

Don’t let the steep drop off of the mountains throw you off, as things aren’t always what they seem.

Telluride offers slopes and trails for advanced, intermediate, and beginner snowboarders to enjoy.

Telluride sits next to beautiful Mountain Village, and a gondola will shuttle you between the two towns, free of charge!


Beaver Creek

Snowboarding in Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Village is owned by Vail Mountain Resorts and sits not from Vail itself.

Beaver Creek has incredible hills for snowboarders of all ages and skill levels, but what you’re likely to remember most about your stay on Beaver Creek is the view.

Miles of sky interrupted only by mountain terrain will leave you breathless, more from the beauty rather than the physical effort of snowboarding. Beaver Creek is a must on the where-to snowboard in Colorado list.



Snowboarding in Avon

Avon isn’t too far from Beaver Creek, and it’s a great place to set up your base as far as dining and affordable accommodations go.

Avon is full of sports and grocery stores and offers plenty of retail therapy set alongside a mountain landscape.

Avon has excellent snowboarding not far outside of town, and you’ll be super comfortable throughout your stay.

Free shuttle buses run regularly to top-notch skiing spots, so you won’t have to worry about driving around to get on your board.


Colorado isn’t a small state, so you must know where to snowboard in Colorado when planning a trip.

Not only can proper planning save you time and money, but you’ll spend more time snowboarding and less time searching for a spot.


Frequently Asked Questions about Where to Snowboard in Colorado


What are the best Colorado towns to snowboard?

The best towns to snowboard during a trip to Colorado are Aspen, Vail, and Telluride. There are plenty of others, though, so just because they’re not detailed in the text doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out all of your possible options!


Is Colorado easy to navigate?

That depends on the weather, the town, and the time of year. Colorado is mountainous, so it’s essential to get prepared if you’re driving. Your best bet is to fly into Colorado and then shuttle wherever you’d like to snowboard. You can base which towns you visit on airport distance and ease of access.


Is Aspen crowded?

The number of tourists in Aspen depends on the time of year. It’s prevalent and well-known, especially around the holiday season. Ensure to have booked your trip in advance so you’ve got a good place to stay!


Snowboarding in Colorado

Snowboarding goes with Colorado like peanut butter goes with jelly. There is no shortage of stellar places to visit and board when you’re planning a trip to Colorado.

Take the time to establish which slopes are best for you!