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How Long Does a Snowboard Last — Really?!?

How Long Does a Snowboard Last — Really?!?

Outdoor sports can take a toll on equipment and gear and snowboarding is no exception.

Many factors can impact how well your board holds up over time but if you are a regular snowboarder, you may find that you replace your board quite often, especially in rigorous conditions or rough terrain.

Want to make your snowboard last longer? Keep reading to learn more!


How long does a snowboard last?

A quality snowboard can last around ten years if stored properly and only used intermittently. Wax and store the board in a cool, dry place during the off-seasons, and deterioration and degradation of the snowboard will be minimal. With hard wear and tear, a snowboard may last only a single season.


Life of a Snowboard

There are many factors that can compromise the life and condition of your snowboard. Regular use will put wear on a board, but rocky terrain, tricks, and jumps will shorten the life of your board.

Additionally, waxing is integral to preventing the board from drying out, which makes it vulnerable to cracking and breaking.

Plus, regular waxing helps the board glide seamlessly over the snow during use.

Snowboards that have been subjected to rocky terrain are also susceptible to issues that may shorten their lives. Repair any damage that you see quickly to prevent moisture from permeating the crack, chip, or ding.

The edges of your snowboard can also be compromised when transporting the board or storing it. The fix is simple and nothing that a basic tune-up from a ski equipment professional can’t solve.

However, if the edges are severely damaged, it may be time to replace the board.

Another common issue to be aware of as a snowboarder is the delamination that can occur. This often occurs after some sort of blunt force damage which causes injury to the board, typically along the tail or at the tip.


Storing your Snowboard

Perhaps, even more debilitating for a snowboard than rough and rocky slopes is how you store the board during the off-season.

It is during storage that many boards are most damaged, often due to too much or too little moisture.

Always wax your board well before placing it in storage, and never store your snowboard in a damp or humid environment.

Invest in a cover or rack to prevent the board from getting damaged by passers-by when stored. Wipe it down and dry it promptly if it becomes wet.

Re-wax the board when you take it out of storage, before using it for the first time in the season.


Tips to Prolong a Snowboard’s Life

Want to get a bit more use and years from your snowboard? There are some tactics and tips that can help prolong your board while also paying attention to maintenance and storage.

With care, you could use your snowboard for ten years or more!

  • Dry your board after using it. Do not store it damp or wet as this can facilitate rust on the metal parts.
  • Don’t store your snowboard in direct sun. Keep it in a dry, cool place.
  • Always wax the board before placing it in storage no matter how long you intend to.
  • Make sure to remove all the old wax before reapplying- and then scraping and removing the excess of the newly applied wax, too. The wax is absorbed into the pores of the board, so removing the wax won’t defeat the purpose.
  • Tune-up your snowboard every year or two by sharpening the edges and restoring or grinding the base. Tune-ups are especially important for snowboarders that encounter a lot of debris on the trail or slopes.

Take care of your board by keeping basic supplies on-hand to preserve, protect, and prepare your snowboard for the slopes.

A good start to your snowboard kit is wax, a scraper, buffing cloths, and a general citrus-based cleaning solution.


Frequently Asked Questions about How Long Does a snowboard Last


How long will a snowboard last?

Gentle snowboarders may find that their snowboards last ten years- but more wear and tear could shorten the life of a board to a single season. It really depends on the quality of the board, the snowboarder, and the terrain.


Do snowboards break in half over time?

With moderate use, a snowboard could break in half around the 100th day that you use it, according to experts. However, if you do a lot of jumping and drops, you could break a board much faster. These maneuvers greatly increase the chance of cracking the base, which will break the board in no time.


How many snowboards will a person use in one season?

Many variables contribute to how many snowboards you will use or need in a season. Are you hard on your equipment? What is the terrain like? Awkward landings and rough use will also shorten the lifespan of a board, which can last from a single season to ten years or more.


When should a snowboard be replaced?

If your board is broken or has holes, it is time to replace it. Beyond that, you may be able to use your snowboard for as long as ten years.



Buy quality equipment and take care of it when not in use for longevity. If you are a regular snowboarder, you may find that the heavy wear and terrain are harder on your gear.

You may have some snowboards for a single season, while you use others for years and years.