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How to Sharpen Snowboard Edges — Pro Snowboarder Tips!

How to Sharpen Snowboard Edges — Pro Snowboarder Tips!

Does your snowboard stick a little on the slopes? It could be time to sharpen your snowboard edges. Sharpening the edges of your board’s base can make it more responsive and quicker.

If you are a seasonal snowboarder, plan to sharpen the edges followed by a good waxing at least once a year. If you snowboard frequently, you may want to wax your board weekly!

The best way to determine if it is time to sharpen the edges is by assessing how the board acts on the snow how does it turn?

If the board seems stiff on the slopes, it may be time to sharpen the snowboard edges.

Does your snowboard stick a bit? Learn how to sharpen snowboard edges here!


How to Sharpen Snowboard Edges

First, remove the bindings as they are easier to sharpen and wax when flat. File the snowboard edges in one direction to prevent nicks. Brush the surface clean of debris with a nylon brush before waxing the board’s base to finish. Melt the wax and move quickly to spread and then scrape away the excess wax.


How to Sharpen Snowboard Edges

Now that you know the importance of sharpening snowboard edges, how do you do it?

It is not difficult to sharpen your edges, but it does take time. Here is what you should know!


Where to Sharpen the Board

Make sure to only sharpen the portions of your snowboard that come in contact with the ground.

That is, avoid the ends of your snowboard when sharpening or you risk permanently damaging the board. If you are worried about damage, take your board in for a professional tune-up to see how it is done.


What to do with the Bindings

Always remove the bindings before sharpening the edges when possible.

Taking off the screws and bindings helps create a flat surface, making waxing easier later on.


What Angle to Sharpen the Board at

Aim for 90-degree angles when sharpening and filing the snowboard. This is the recommended angle for both beginner and intermediate snowboarders.

A good rule of thumb to remember is that the more acute the angle, the more experience the rider should have.


The Proper Way to File the Snowboard

Working in one direction, file the snowboard edges according to the recommendations suggested by the sharpening tool.

Use a marker to indicate where you need to file and how much and use this as a guide during sharpening.

Use light pressure to drag the file along the edge and overlap your strokes until your marks are gone. Do not sharpen the ends the nose and tail of your board.

If your nose and tail need some attention, take the board in for a professional tune-up and for treatment with a gummi stone if needed.


How to Know if it is Sharp Enough

Touch the edges to determine if it is sharp enough.

If they are sharp to the touch, the edges are likely sharp enough, too.


Wax Afterward

Finish by waxing the board. First, brush away any debris or dust.

This step enables you to check for nicks, too. Slowly melt and drip the wax and quickly spread and scrape as you would anytime that you wax your board.

Focus wax and efforts around the newly sharpened edges.

When waxing your board, try to keep things moving along and don’t let too much time elapse or the wax will dry prematurely.


Why Sharpen Snowboard Edges

So, why bother sharpening snowboard edges and does it really make a difference?

Yes it does make a difference and it is key in maintaining the condition and performance of the snowboard.

When the edges become rounded and dull, the board is not as responsive, and it can be more difficult to make a turn as sharply or brake as quickly as necessary.

A sharpened board is easier to control and maneuver on slippery mountain slopes which could become a safety issue.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Sharpen Snowboard Edges


When is it time to sharpen your snowboard?

Run your finger along the edge of your snowboard’s base does it feel rounded, dull, or nicked? These are signs that you need to sharpen the edges of the board. It will help make the snowboard more responsive and easier to maneuver on the slopes.


Do ‘pack boards’ need sharpening?

You may want to try a fresh-out-of-the-pack board before you tune it up or sharpen the edges, but know that with use, the board will require sharpening at some point. If the edges feel rounded or worn, it could be time for a tune-up.


How come the edges of a snowboard become dull?

Traversing the slopes creates friction which wears down your board’s edges. The snow and ice can be rigorous on a snowboard, as can the cold temperatures and moisture. Accidents, collisions, and even hitting gravel or rocks can also cause the edges of a snowboard to become dull.



Planning to hit the slopes anytime soon? Make sure your snowboard edges are sharp and responsive when you need them to be.

Get ready by sharpening and tuning up the board now! Use these tips to sharpen and wax your board in time for snowy seasons ahead.