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How to Wrap a Skateboard — Ooh, Interesting!

How to Wrap a Skateboard — Ooh, Interesting!

Are you planning to gift someone special a skateboard this holiday season? What a wonderful way to foster a love of the sport but do you know how to wrap a skateboard?

Wrapping a skateboard’s quite challenging due to the sheer size and shape of the gift. Remember, the average board is around 30 inches long and the wheels make traditional wrapping methods tricky.


How to Wrap a Skateboard

First, wrap or roll the board in brown crafting paper to completely conceal the gift. Pull the paper over the wheels so they are not tightly wrapped or taut, but simply covered and secured with tape. Next, rewrap the paper with your choice of gift wrap. Don’t forget adding a note or card!


Supplies for Wrapping a Skateboard

Supplies for Wrapping a Skateboard

Supplies for Wrapping a Skateboard

The tools and supplies needed for wrapping a skateboard are likely things you already have. Take an inventory, gather your gear, and wrap a skateboard!

The process of wrapping a skateboard usually involves these items.

  • Scissors
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Paper
  • Gift wrap
  • Clear tape
  • Ribbon and other embellishments
  • Card, if desired

You may also take the route of wrapping your skateboard in a box instead. In this instance, the materials that you need change slightly.

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A box
  • Packing peanuts, foam, bubble-wrap, or tissue to pad the board
  • Ribbon and other embellishments
  • Card, if desired

Make sure that the box you choose is sturdy and stable enough to contain a skateboard, both in size as well as in weight.

Remember that an average skateboard weighs around ten pounds!


How to Wrap a Skateboard

There are some simple and sensible steps to wrapping a skateboard and other gifts that make the process easy and effective.

It starts by measuring the skateboard so that you know exactly what you are dealing with and how much paper or how large the box should be for your gift.

Measuring Skateboard

Measuring Skateboard

Write the measurements down and begin wrapping your gift.

  • If using a box, compare measurements to find one to fit your skateboard. Get the box ready for gifting by stabilizing the seams with clear tape and lining it with padding like tissue before proceeding.
  • Cover and tightly pack the skateboard in the box with paddings, such as packing peanuts or bubble wrap. If you are not using a box, loosely drape and tape brown craft paper around the gift until covered.
  • Use gift wrapping paper to wrap the taped-box or paper-covered skateboard. Use clear tape to secure the wrap. Fold in corners to create seams that you can reinforce with more tape.
  • Whether using a box or paper, now is the time to decorate the gift. Use ribbon tied around the deck of the board or the middle of the box add bows, embellishments, and a notecard or tag to finish.

It is important to note that the most important aspect of wrapping a skateboard for gifting is to pad and insulate the gift to prevent damage to it during transit.

Gifts can get banged, bumped, and dropped this could damage, scratch, or chip your board. Certainly, you do not want the gift to show signs of wear and tear before the recipient gets a chance to ride the skateboard!

Wrapping the board in a box does offer an additional element of protection when carried and during the time before it is unwrapped. However, if you do not have a box, you can still add a supportive and insulative layer to the gift under the brown wrapping paper.

Consider wrapping each wheel in a small piece of bubble wrap, secured with an elastic band, before covering with the crafting paper.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap

You can also roll the entire board deck and all in larger sheets of bubble wrap. Secure well with clear tape before covering with craft paper, gift wrap, or ideally both.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Wrap a Skateboard


What paint do you use when decorating your skateboard deck?

To paint a skateboard deck, you need spray paint- both for a primer and in a color that you want to use on your board- and a clear gloss to finish.


What is a grip tape on a skateboard for?

Grip tape provides traction on the deck of a skateboard for the rider, essential when doing tricks. Some skateboards have grip tape applied when manufactured, but others may need you to apply it yourself. Grip tape also offers the opportunity to customize your skateboard.


Is grip tape necessary for a skateboard?

Grip tape provides traction and grip for your shoes when riding your skateboard. Grip tape can also help the owner distinguish their board from others at a glance, so yes, it is necessary in many ways.


Is grip tape waterproof?

Anti-slip grip tape is waterproof so it is a fine option to use on any surface that would benefit from added traction and tread, like inside a bathtub or on steps near a swimming pool.


The Last Giftwrap

If you are gifting someone a skateboard this holiday season, use these tips to wrap and keep your gift a surprise!

Consider the methods and supplies for wrapping- and start planning ahead to have all that you need on hand.