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How to Ship a Snowboard — Top Tips to Remember

How to Ship a Snowboard — Top Tips to Remember

Anyone who has ever been snowboarding knows that it comes with a lot of gear.

Even if you don’t participate in this winter sport regularly, instead opting to rent your equipment when you go, there are still so many things you need to hit the slopes.

Those of you that snowboard religiously during the colder months of the year, and in some places, all year long, know precisely the amount of stuff that comes with snowboarding.

Clothing, the snowboard itself, and everything in between can add up quickly.

If you’re purging your current collection of snowboard-related items, or you’re simply looking for new things, you may decide to sell some of what you already have.

If that’s the case, you could be wondering how to ship a snowboard.


How to Ship a Snowboard

A professional shipping company has everything needed to ship large packages without issue or delay. If you have a snowboard to send, reach out to DHL, FedEx, USPS, or UPS and start pricing out the cost. It’ll be easier for you to work with shipping experts than to deal with it yourself.


Successfully Shipping a Snowboard

Shipping a snowboard is the most stressful part of selling it or getting your current snowboard to wherever it is that you’re going.

You want to make sure it’s not damaged during travel, which is the most common issue.

Snowboards aren’t small, and they require quite a bit of packaging and protection for a successful ship.

If you want to ensure that your snowboard arrives at its final destination in the same condition you shipped it, it’s best to choose a professional service.



Though it’s not the most popular shipping vendor in the United States, DHL is incredibly reliable when getting packages to where they need to go.

You might have to pay more for faster shipping, as they tend to sit on the slow side regarding professional shipping companies.

If you’re not in a hurry, DHL is a good choice. They’ll wrap and box your snowboard for you, and they’ve got many available shipping options to meet your needs.



FedEx is a shipping giant for a reason; they get packages where they need to go safely.

If you want to ship your snowboard through FedEx, you can pop into a location and tell them where you’d like it shipped and how it should be packed.

Though typically slower than UPS and USPS, FedEx has options for you to speed up your snowboard ship times.

The drugstore chain Walgreens boasts many stores with a FedEx drop-off. You can also go through the process entirely online and drop it off at a FedEx shipping location.



The United Parcel Service is a solid choice for shipping any large item, snowboards included. They’ll wrap and pack it for you or allow you to do it and drop it off at one of their many locations.

UPS has fantastic pricing when it comes to shipping, and as long as you’re not shipping your snowboard overnight, chances are you’ll be pleased with how much you have to spend.

UPS is quick, and packages often arrive even before they are scheduled. They rarely lose anything, and their tracking app is on point and offers regularly updated information.



The United States Postal Service has come a long way since the days when snail mail ruled the world.

In fact, it’s difficult to call the USPS snail mail any longer, as they can ship packages incredibly quickly, sometimes at a faster rate than the previously mentioned shipping companies!

Stop at your nearest post office and ask them how to ship a snowboard. They’ll gladly walk you through the process and take care of most of it for you.

Costs tend to vary, so go in prepared to spend more than what you initially estimated.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Ship a Snowboard


What is the best way to ship a snowboard?

For shipping a snowboard, a professional shipping company is your best bet. They will ensure that your parcel gets where it needs to go while securing it in the correct packaging to keep it safe from damage.


Should I insure my snowboard when shipping it?

Any large, expensive package should be insured. Shipping insurance doesn’t cost that much, and you can purchase it while paying for shipping costs for your snowboard.


How much is a snowboard’s shipping cost?

Rates to ship your snowboard will vary significantly across the nation, depending on weight and the length of the trip. It can get expensive, so don’t be afraid to call around to compare shipping rates!



Choosing a Professional

While it seems more accessible for you to purchase the shipping supplies and pack up your snowboard yourself, it’s easier to use a reputable company.

Not only will they take care of packaging for you, but they’ll print labels and get it where it needs to go as soon as possible.

All you’ll have to do is show up at the shipping location with your snowboard and tell them where it’s going.

Selling and shipping a snowboard seems overwhelming at first, but with expert knowledge, you’ll have your snowboard on its way in no time.