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How to Wax a Snowboard Without an Iron – The Right Way!

How to Wax a Snowboard Without an Iron – The Right Way!

When caring for your snowboard, waxing is essential. It not only helps make your board last longer, but it also keeps your board from drying out.

Waxing your snowboard locks in hydration and makes your board perform at peak performance. There are various methodologies when waxing your snowboard at home.


How to Wax a Snowboard Without an Iron

You can use a heat gun or what is referred to as the crayon method. This method can be done at home and eliminate the need to use an iron. The heat gun, or the crayon method, yields different results from the use of an iron, depending on what your intentions for your performance desires are.


Alternatives to Using an Iron to Wax Your Snowboard

Waxing is an essential part of having a snowboard. If you’re like me and invested in a board that you want to keep in good condition for several years, proper waxing is key to keeping it in peak shape.

Waxing your snowboard yourself isn’t as hard as it may sound. Because you will be waxing your snowboard frequently, it becomes second nature after a few times.

While most people assume that using an iron is the only way to wax your snowboard at home, that is not the case.

As a substitute for an iron, you can use a heat gun to wax your snowboard, which is known as the crayon method.


How to Properly Wax Your Snowboard With a Heat Gun

When selecting a heat gun for this project there are a few things that you should consider.

As with most tools, not everyone’s the same. As much as possible, use a heat gun that is small and easy to hold.

This gives you more flexibility in quick and smooth movements. You also want to purchase a heat gun with various temperature settings.

Depending on the climate conditions and the wax that you are using, this can vary.

First, scrape the board. You want to remove as much wax as possible before applying new wax, making sure to remove as much of the old was as possible.

When it comes to the wax, you want to put enough wax on your board that you can see a visible film.

When preparing to melt the wax, have your heat gun ready and set to the highest temperature possible.

With the heat gun, you can slowly heat the wax so that the consistency and texture are optimum to be properly spread.

As you use the heat gun, move it in cross strokes across the width of the board. You want to get as much wax as possible while doing it in a uniform pattern.

You want the wax to melt so that it spreads across the board, but you do not want it to smoke. Burned wax is a tell-tale sign that you are damaging your board.

As a rule of thumb, it should take around thirty seconds to melt the wax across your entire board.

Buff it once you see the wax’s melted. It’s crucial for the wax to sink into the board.

Using a paper towel. buff the wax in until the surface is smooth. Other times, there can be a small amount of leftover wax that should be scraped off.

To make sure that your snowboard is ready to go after the wax is fully buffed, polish it with an abrasive pad. This will help keep your board protected and provide a smooth ride.


What Should You Avoid

One of the most important things when using this method is to not let the wax coat dry before you are finished buffing. If the coat dries, imperfections will still be present.

These then can be very challenging to get out. As a result, your ride smoothness will be altered.

When using a heat gun, don’t ignore the lines. Use the heat gun before applying wax, make a few small lines at the end of your board.

What this does is it shows you are the current wax. When it begins to melt, you can continue the process.

Waxing may seem like a one-and-done thing, but it shouldn’t be. If you care for your board, you should wax it 3 to 4 times a week.

Neglecting this will result in a loss of performance.

Begin warming the wax at the end of your board. If you use a heat gun at the edges, you will get an uneven wax coating.


Frequently Asked Questions About How to Wax a Snowboard Without an Iron


How does using a heat gun, or the crayon method, benefit my snowboard?

Waxing your snowboard in this fashion is beneficial in the sense that you will have less lag in flatter areas. As long as the wax is even, your snowboard should be prepared for any condition.


How often should I be waxing my snowboard with a heat gun?

During snowboarding season, you should wax your snowboard every three to four days. I find that this creates a smoother ride in various snow conditions.


What type of hot wax should I be using?

The type of wax depends on what weather conditions you are riding in. For the best performance when riding in cooler conditions, blue/green wax works best. If you are planning to be in warmer conditions, you should look to using an orange wax. When in a mix of both conditions, then you want to select a yellow wax.


In Conclusion

Waxing your snowboard with a home iron can be less ideal if you’re looking for a faster or a smoother ride.

I find that using a heat gun to wax my snowboard is an easy process that provides optimal results on the slopes.

A heat gun, when used properly, can also prolong your snowboard’s life.