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Where to Sell a Snowboard — Best Spots!

Where to Sell a Snowboard — Best Spots!

When the time comes to start cutting back on your snowboarding equipment, whether you want to buy new snowboarding things or you’re just making space in your home, you might be questioning where to sell snowboards.

Selling a snowboard, as long as it’s in good condition, is a relatively easy task.

There are plenty of online forums available to help you sell your snowboard, and if your price is fair, you’ll get what you’re asking.

All you need to sell your snowboard is your smartphone and internet access. The rest is a breeze!


Where to Sell Snowboard

You can sell a snowboard on any buy-and-sell smartphone application, whether locally focused or available to nationwide buyers. If permitted, you can also list your snowboard for sale in online neighborhood groups or print out flyers to hang in local restaurants.


How to Sell Your Snowboard

It’s essential to be incredibly honest regarding the condition of your snowboard, especially when selling it online. You’ll likely garner interest quickly, so be prepared to answer any potential buyer questions that come your way.

Take as many pictures from as many angles as you can in fantastic natural lighting, and this will help cut down on the number of questions asked.

People want to be able to see what they’re committing to buying, so don’t make them work too hard for it, or they’ll move on.


Smartphone Applications

There are many applications you can download to your phone that will allow you to sell your snowboard, making the listing available to an endless audience.

Apps like LetGo and Craig’s List, which cater to a local audience, will allow you to meet up with the person that wants to buy your board, but if that makes you uncomfortable, you can quickly come to a shipping agreement.

If you want to market your snowboard to a national audience, you can download applications like Poshmark, Vinted, Mercari, and eBay to sell your snowboard.

These customers will not be able to see your snowboard in person, so make sure that you provide them with as much information as possible regarding the board’s condition, how often you used it, and the shape it’s in now.

One of the most critical aspects of using smartphone applications to sell your used items is remembering not to get too greedy. People use these shopping methods for two reasons; to find a rare item or to get a great deal.


Social Media

Social media platforms have no shortage of selling options, but Facebook really shines in this respect.

You can easily opt to list items on the Facebook Marketplace, a buy-and-sell platform that offers local and nationwide choices from your profile.

Listings don’t take long to create, but keep an eye on your messages because they’ll fill up quickly! Facebook groups are a fantastic tool for buying and selling.

Not only can you sell your snowboard in snowboard-themed Facebook groups, but you can log into local groups that specialize in selling local items as well!

Just make sure that you’re always following the snowboard group guidelines, as some do not allow sales of certain items at all.

Instagram has a decent selling platform as well, but you have to run a business account to be able to do it unless you’ve got enough relevant followers to link your snowboard sales page to your stories. To keep it simple, go with Facebook.


The Old-Fashioned Way

There’s nothing wrong with printing a well-put-together flyer or two to hang around local hotspots like restaurants and bars.

You never know who might see it, and while social media is faster, an old-school flyer on a bulletin board isn’t always a waste of time.


Frequently Asked Questions about Where to Sell Snowboard


Where is the best place to sell my snowboard?

Most people that want to unload their snowboards quickly take to social media to do so. Start with the Facebook Marketplace, and then proceed. It’s easy to create the listing, and you’ll reach a relevant audience in a short period.


Can I charge the buyer for shipping?

Absolutely! If they want to buy your item, they’ll gladly pay for the shipping fee. However, it’s essential to work out shipping costs before you list your snowboard, so they know what additional expenses to expect.


Where is the worst place to sell my snowboard?

Well, that depends on you. If you don’t mind meeting your buyer, then Craigs List or neighborhood Facebook Groups will work well for you! If you hate meeting up with people you don’t know, choose an app that takes care of the shipping for you, like LetGo or Mercari.


Finding the Best Selling Option for Your Snowboard

You can list your board in more than one place as long as you’re prepared to keep track of messages and potential sales.

Always do your research, taking the time to find out what others list their snowboards for on that same application.

Chances are, with a fair listing, you’ll sell your board in no time!