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How to Buy Snowboard Boots — Pro Snowboarder Tips!

How to Buy Snowboard Boots — Pro Snowboarder Tips!

Purchasing snowboard boots is a huge part of establishing how well you’ll like snowboarding in general. It’s essential that your snowboard boots are comfortable and fit well, or you’ll have a miserable time on the slopes.

When you’re headed out to start shopping for snowboarding gear, you might be wondering how to buy snowboard boots and what the best approach might be for buying your first pair.

Shopping for winter sports gear can become overwhelming quickly, but following a few loose guidelines will help you along your journey.


How to Buy Snowboard Boots

You can purchase snowboard boots both in-person and online, but it’s recommended to buy your first pair online to make sure they fit well. Pick the pair you like, and ensure that the boot fits your foot. Toes should touch the boot’s front, while your heels rest snugly against the back.


The Best Way to Buy Snowboard Boots

Shopping online for snowboard boots will be perfectly fine for most people that have bought snowboard boots in the past.

If it’s your first pair, however, you’ll want to go to your nearest sporting goods store and ask for help.

Snowboard boots are different. Unlike other shoes, you want to make sure they fit your foot size without leaving any room for your toes to wiggle.

Snowboard boots are meant to fit snugly, so when you’re navigating how to buy snowboard boots, talk to an employee that works in that particular section within the store.



It’s crucial to get your exact shoe size on point when purchasing your snowboard boots. Your feet should fit comfortably and snugly without any cramping or pinching that could result in poor circulation.

Typically, people wear snowboard boots for extended periods. You do not want a lack of circulation when you’re out on the slopes.

It’s both uncomfortable and dangerous that way. The boot should hug your foot, but your foot should not be able to slide forward or backward at all.


Breaking Them In

Snowboard boots have to be broken in, so if you’re getting a brand new pair, whether it’s your first or twenty-first, you should purchase them in plenty of time to break them in, so they fit comfortably when you head out.

You can break them in by wearing them around your house, but depending on the brand and quality, it might take a while for them to start to feel comfortable.

Remember, they’ll loosen a bit as you break them in, so if you purchase them and they feel tight but not uncomfortable, you’ll be in great shape in a week or so.

If you buy your snowboard boots on a level where your feet can move inside them, you’ll eventually find them too big.


Focus on Flex

For beginners, focusing on the flex of your snowboard boots is a great way to ensure how comfortable they’ll be when you board in them.

Asking a professional for fitting help is your best bet, and you’ll probably quickly find someone who knows what they’re talking about if you choose to shop in-store.

The flex of your snowboard boots will determine how well you can move in them, which is essential for those just starting. Beginners will likely need more flex than advanced snowboarders.

Ask whoever is helping you for a soft or medium-soft flex.

If they’re knowledgeable about snowboard boots, they’ll know exactly what you mean.

In the rare instance that they’re unsure what you mean, you can try explaining that you mean you need a flexible boot and ask them to point you in the right direction or try another establishment altogether.



Your snowboard boots should be comfortable. There’s no point in buying snowboard boots that don’t fit well.

You don’t want them to bite into your calf or cut off blood flow to your foot. Also, ensure that they have proper shock absorption and a minimal heel lift.


As the snowboarding season nears, all snowboarders must purchase boots to keep them comfortable and safe while out on the slopes.

With so many available choices, this should not be too challenging of a venture.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Buy Snowboard Boots


How do I buy snowboard boots?

You can buy them online at any significant winter sports or sporting goods retailer, but for your first snowboard boot purchase, going into a store and trying them on in person is your best bet.


What should be your topmost consideration when buying snowboard boots?

Comfort and its fit are the 2 most important aspects of purchasing snowboard boots. A snug fit in the boot that ensures your feet can’t slide around and absolutely no pinching is the way to go!


How much are snowboard boots?

Snowboard boots vary in price, and the amount you want to spend should reflect how often you’ll wear them. The price range is extensive, from $50 to $300. Take the time to do a little consumer research on the pairs you like, try them on in-store, and make your decision from there.


Buying Snowboarding Boots You’ll Love

Snowboarding boots are an essential part of your snowboarding journey.

You’ll want to make sure they fit you comfortably, that they come from a reputable brand, and that you like the way you look when wearing them!