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How to Buy a Snowboard – I See!

How to Buy a Snowboard – I See!

Buying a snowboard should not be a hassle. In fact, it should be fun!

If you genuinely love snowboarding, and you’re on track to buy a brand new board or your first board ever, knowing where and how to buy a snowboard will help you keep it stress-free.

There are plenty of options for purchasing a snowboard, and many factors go into deciding the best route for you.

Don’t get too overwhelmed when buying a new snowboard. It won’t take you too long to find the right one, and it will be well worth the search!

Whether you’ve just started or you’ve been boarding for years, purchasing a snowboard makes complete sense if you don’t want to continue renting your equipment or if you’ve gone down so many hills you’ve worn out your old one!

Most people that buy snowboards prefer to do so in person inside a retail location.

This tactic has everything to do with the fact that purchasing a snowboard is a very personal process.

How to Buy a Snowboard

When buying a snowboard you’ve got to decide which snowboard you like, and then see if the retailer has one that fits you and how comfortable you feel when it’s secured to you. A skilled professional will be able to help you find one that will serve you well, ensuring that it’s not too long, too short, too light, or too heavy.


Winter sports retailers are plentiful, though retail brick and mortar locations have dwindled under the ever-looming presence of the internet.

Speaking of the internet, you can do a quick search to find a location near you that sells snowboards.

When you go into a retail location, ensure that you have a brand that you’d like to try in mind so you can let the salesperson know the direction you’d like to take and if it’s possible to do so in that specific location.

If it is, that’s awesome, and if not, they’ll show you what they have and present you with boards that are similar to the one (or ones) you’ve been eyeing.

Retail locations are fantastic for beginners because they can offer you a ton of information while providing you with boards to try.

With this shopping method, you can get a feel for what you want.

Also, you don’t have to commit when shopping in person. You can always go home and think about it, and if you decide to make the purchase, you can go back to the store or do so online.

Virtual Shopping

Shopping online isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and it remains an excellent option for most goods, snowboards included.

Shopping for an online snowboard works for people familiar with snowboards or who have bought one in the past.

Of course, you can purchase the snowboard you liked in-person online as well.

You might find yourself with more decisions when you shop for your snowboard online.

Many retailers offer more sizes and designs online. You can purchase your favorite board and have it shipped to you, or you can have it shipped to your nearest retailer, often for free.

Online prices are often in line with prices in-store, though you’ll likely come across online-only retailers that thrive on providing low prices because they have little overhead.

When it comes to buying a snowboard, the options are plentiful.


Most everyone loves a good thrifting experience. You can consign and thrift almost anything, and snowboards are no exception.

Many people want to upgrade their snowboard or don’t use it as much as they thought they would take to sell their snowboard to a retail or online consignment shop.

Sites like eBay and Mercari are full of snowboarding equipment. It never hurts to take a look, because you honestly never know what you’ll find.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Buy a Snowboard

With so many options available, it goes without saying that the internet is full of people just like you that are wondering how to buy a snowboard.

It’s not so much that you don’t know-how and more about curiosity regarding the process itself.

How should I buy my first snowboard?

Whether you decide to purchase online or in-person, you’ll want to at least head into a retailer to make sure you’re buying a brand you trust and the size you like if your end game is to shop online. If it’s your first snowboard, you want to make sure you aren’t flying blind by making a random online purchase. Take time to plan.

Are online prices better for buying a Snowboard?

Sometimes, online prices are better than brick-and-mortar retailers. This price change has much to do with the lack of overhead required by online retailers and doesn’t typically reflect quality. Don’t shy away from reputable online-only retailers, especially if they have what you want.

In what ways can I buy a snowboard?

You can purchase your snowboard in person, online, or at a consignment shop, either in person or online. There are many combinations of ways to buy a snowboard, but whatever you decide, make sure that you’ve taken all the necessary steps to make sure you can use it, and if you change your mind, return it.

Committing to Buying a Snowboard

For many, a snowboard purchase feels like a big commitment.

It’s not an inexpensive buy, and it might make you feel like you have to hit the slopes every weekend to get your money’s worth.

Remember, snowboarding, and buying the gear that goes with it, is supposed to be fun.

When you feel overwhelmed, take a step back and reassess. Stay patient through the process, and you’ll find the perfect board for you.