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How to Carry a Skateboard – Expert Skateboarder Tips!

How to Carry a Skateboard – Expert Skateboarder Tips!

If you enjoy skateboarding, treat yourself to the right equipment and gear for your hobby. That is, pick up a skateboard-specific bag for toting the board when it is not in use.

How to Carry a Skateboard

How to Carry a Skateboard

This will also provide a convenient and dedicated spot for your other skateboarding gear that you may want to store safely and securely.


How to Carry a Skateboard?

The easiest and best way could be to invest in a protective bag for your board that is made from a soft yet durable fabric. Also, hold and carry the board by the middle of the board’s deck without anything else in your hands. This will prevent it from being dropped and incurring unfortunate damage.


Carrying a Skateboard

Carrying a Skateboard

Carrying a Skateboard

Wondering about the best ways for carrying a board when you are not actually riding it? There are many different schools of thought regarding the best practices, but the most important thing is to carry the board in the way that has the least chance of being dropped.

Dropping a board can cause damage in some cases, irreversible damage that may impact the overall performance and longevity of your skateboard. Nobody wants that!

Some tips and tricks related to carrying a skateboard include the following, but remember the key is to do what is comfortable and most secure for you so you will not drop the skateboard.

Try these tips!

  • Grab and hold your skateboard by the deck, ideally by the middle of the deck to curb the risk of dropping it.
  • Do not try to hold or carry anything in your hands other than the board. Skateboards can be heavy, often around ten pounds, so reduce the chances of damage by carrying just your board.
  • Use both hands to properly grab and carry your skateboard. Use the right hand to firmly hold and lift the board, and the left hand to grasp the middle of the skateboard deck.
  • Position your arms in a perpendicular fashion to the board when grabbing the deck- this will help support and stabilize your grasp.
  • Avoid letting the bottom of your board face up. The board’s deck should be facing you.
  • Do not point the wheels toward you. This increases instability when trying to hold the board.
  • If carrying manually, lean the flat side of the deck against you and your body. This means the wheels are facing out, which is the right way and the safest way of carrying a skateboard.
  • You may also try using a strap to carry the board. These wrap around the skateboard for easy travel.
  • If using a strap, leave yourself a bit extra to hang on to. A small piece of strap can slip from the grasp- more of a strap makes it easier to gain a grip and carry the board.
  • Only use soft straps when you carry a skateboard. Otherwise, you risk scratching the deck. The best practice is to use straps that are designed and made for skateboarding.
  • Try using a dedicated bag for your skateboard. This is a safe and protective way to carry the board that reduces the risk of it being dropped or damaged. It is imperative that the bag is wide enough for you to put the board in without it rubbing up against a zipper or hardware- and pockets inside the bag provide safe spots for other items that won’t rub up or scratch your board when carrying it.
  • Although you want it to fit in your skateboard bag, make sure that the bag fits the board snugly. Too much room provides opportunities for your skateboard to get tossed around, bumped, and possibly damaged in transit.
  • Always secure and close the bag when carrying your skateboard. If it has a zipper or Velcro tabs, make sure they are securely closed to keep your board- and other belongings- safe during carrying or travel.

Use these tips and invest in a bag that meets your needs for carrying the skateboard when not in use!

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Carry a Skateboard


What is the best way to carry your skateboard so it won’t become scratched?

The best way in carrying a skateboard is in a soft, protective bag when you are not using or riding it. Be gentle with your board to avoid potential damage that could impact the board’s performance during riding.


Can it be dangerous to carry your skateboard?

It is not necessarily dangerous to carry your skateboard unless you are doing so in a very unsafe manner. The best way to carry the board is in a bag designed for your skateboard, plus, this prevents damage to your board, too.


Should you choose a strap or bag when carrying your not-in-use skateboard?

Either way works, and the choice depends on you! However, it merits mention that a bag will carry more than just the board, but also any items or equipment that you also need when riding your skateboard. Just make sure it is made from soft material and designed specifically for carrying skateboards.



When you are not using the board, take care to carry the skateboard gingerly and carefully to prevent potential damage.

Use these tips to maintain and protect your skateboard when it is not in use!