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How to Loosen Skateboard Wheels – Best Tips!

How to Loosen Skateboard Wheels – Best Tips!

Have you been skateboarding and suddenly your board stops? If your skateboard sometimes stops when you are riding it and in motion, it likely means that you need to loosen your skateboard wheels.

If the wheels of your board are too tight, it creates resistance and friction that causes difficulty with the wheel smoothly rolling along. Instead, it may drag and stop.



How to Loosen Skateboard Wheels?

To loosen the wheels of your skateboard, first, flip the board so the wheels face up. Use a wrench to turn the kingpin bolt until they are loose so that the wheels loosen. If the wheels are too loose, however, they may simply fall from the kingpin, so be wary of this when adjusting your skateboard.


To Loosen or Not

Whether or not to loosen the wheels of your board comes down to how it responds and reacts when you are riding it does it turn and move with ease?

Does the board sometimes stop in mid-movement or motion for no apparent reason? It can mean you’ll need to adjust the tension and tightness of your board’s wheels.

It merits mention that you should not loosen the wheels too much, as they may simply fall from the kingpin on the underside of your skateboard deck. This could spell trouble in some situations.

Tightening your skateboard wheels is a bit of a dance you must keep checking to find the right middle ground and tension level for your wheels.

That is, you want them to move and turn easily, yet you also do not want the wheels to be too loose and wiggly, which could cause you to lose balance. Many riders use their own testing method to assess the wheels, which is to flick the wheels with their hands and watch how they spin.

Flicking the Skateboard Wheel

If you find through flicking that the wheel does not spin well or if it stops for no reason, it is time to loosen the nuts of the wheels to improve performance.

Next, learn how to use a skate tool or socket wrench to loosen and adjust your wheels!


Loosening your Skateboard Wheels

Do your wheels need adjustment? Did you perform a manual flick test to assess the wheel?

Next, turn the board upside down, the deck facing down, so that you have a clear unobstructed view of the trucks and wheels.

Turning Skateboard Upside down

When loosening the wheels, you should see a kingpin bolt that secures the wheel to the truck. This is where you will make adjustments with your skate tool or wrench.

Do you have your wrench or tool in hand? You will need it for the next step, which is to tighten wheels that are loose or loosen wheels that are too tight.

Skateboard Tools

So, if the wheels are too tight, you are likely to notice challenges when trying to maneuver or the board may suddenly stop. In this case, use the tool and work counterclockwise to loosen the wheels of your board.

Now, if the wheels seem wiggly or it is more difficult to maintain balance on your board lately, the wheels may be a bit too loose.

While looser wheels are good on some terrain, if they become too loose, you risk them simply falling out of the kingpin and truck of your board which is not good. In these instances, use the skate tool or wrench to work clockwise to tighten the wheels and reduce this issue.

The best way to evaluate your work is to ride the board and test how the wheels respond. Make further adjustments as needed and check again!


More Skateboard Wheel Tips

  • When assessing and evaluating your skateboard wheels, always place the board on a flat, firm surface that is smooth and not too rugged.
  • Turn skate wheels counter-clockwise for a quick and easy way to loosen them.
  • After you use your skate tool or wrench to tighten or loosen your wheel, check it with the flick test before adjusting further.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Loosen Skateboard Wheels


How often should you change the wheels of my skateboard?

If you are a regular rider, plan on changing the wheels of your skateboard every couple of months. You may also find that changing, swapping, or rotating wheels also helps to extend their longevity and improve performance.


Which tool do you use to remove skateboard wheels?

Use a skate tool to remove the wheels of your skateboard- these are found widely in skateboarding venues. If you don’t have a skate tool, consider keeping a half-inch socket wrench and a couple of screwdrivers on-hand, instead.


Is there a schedule when to clean your skateboard wheels?

If you use your skates regularly, it is recommended that you clean the wheels every couple of months. This will help them be smoother, which can make riding more comfortable, too.


What will happen if the skateboard wheels are too tight?

When the skateboard’s wheels are too tight, they will not turn properly or maneuver with ease. It can cause the board to spontaneously stop when riding in some instances.


Should you clean your skateboard wheels?

If your wheels are turning and working fine, it is not necessary to clean the wheels. It can be a bit complicated but is worth the time and effort if your wheels are not spinning properly.



Does your skateboard drag a bit? Try loosening the wheels it is not hard to do!

You just need a wrench or a skate tool which you may find at any skateboard retail venue to loosen the wheels and reduce this resistance that can cause a board to stop in mid-motion.

Use these tips to do it yourself!