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How Much Weight Can a Skateboard Hold? Whoah!

How Much Weight Can a Skateboard Hold? Whoah!

Skateboarding is a fun sport, but it can turn into a dangerous one if you’re unsure of what you’re doing. One of the most vital rules when skateboarding is that weight matters.

This blog post talks about how much weight a skateboard can hold and what beginners should keep in mind when they are trying to avoid breaking their boards!


How Much Weight Can a Skateboard Hold?

Well-made skateboards can hold a maximum of around 220 lbs of weight and these are usually made with bamboo or maple wood. The trucks of the skateboard usually have a maximum weight limit of around 250 lbs.


Why Weight Matters in Skateboarding

Why Weight Matters in Skateboarding

Weight plays a huge role in skateboarding because it changes your momentum as you ride and perform tricks.

The heavier you weigh, the harder it will be to create acceleration but the more momentum you will have.

This means that if you are headed downhill or riding on a ramp, you will go much faster than other riders and have a harder time trying to slow down.

This momentum means if you fall you could be at a higher risk of injury than other riders who are moving more slowly to the ground.

The same rule applies to performing tricks. Heavier riders will be landing on their boards more forcefully than other riders and it could cause more board breaks.

The random board breaks can be dangerous if you are trying to grind rails or perform high jumps and are generally not recommended.

If you want to ride but are afraid about the weight, you’ll want to make sure your board has the right materials so it’s built for durability.


Wheels and their Impact on the Weight a Skateboard can Hold

Skateboard Wheels

The wheels of a skateboard can also be made of different materials and will be rated based on a couple of factors.

The diameter of the wheel is important because the wider the wheel is, the better it is able to take on additional weight.

Look for wider wheels if you are having issues with your wheels forming flat spots. That’s where the wheels become flat in specific areas from too much force being applied.

Durometer’s the second factor you should watch out for. The durometer is a hardness scale that wheel manufacturers use to let you know how durable the wheels are.

The truck hardware is also part of the wheel system and it will also have its own weight limit.

The trucks can stand up to about 250lbs of weight. You don’t have to weigh this amount either when you are skating to risk damage to your trucks.

If you weigh around this limit and you are trying to perform tricks, your momentum will cause more pressure and force on the trucks than if you were just riding.

The more you perform tricks, the more risk you take to breaking your trucks.


How Wide Should Your Deck Be

How Wide Should Your Deck Be

Deck width is going to play a major role in how much weight a skateboard can hold.

The wider the skateboard is, the more surface area it has and will be more durable to breaks.

You’ll find that most skateboards have a deck width somewhere in the range of 7-10 inches.

If you are worried about the weight limit on your board, you’ll want to stick with a board that has 8 inches or higher.

The only problem with getting a wider deck is that your tricks will become a lot harder to manage.

The wider board means it’ll take longer for your feet to move around the board and you’ll need more height to perform the same tricks.

Of course, performing tricks isn’t recommended anyway when the maximum weight limit is in jeopardy. It could cause the board to break more easily, leading to a potential injury cause.


What Type of Materials to Look for

You’ll want to find a board made of bamboo, carbon fiber, or maple wood if you want it to stand up to max weights.

Maple wood is usually a 7-ply or 9-ply and holds that 220lbs I talked about earlier.

If you’re raring  for the top-of-the-line models you will look out for carbon fiber. Carbon fiber’s being used more often because of both its strength and durability.

The only problem with carbon fiber is it doesn’t have the same feel as maple. Because of its durability, it doesn’t have the same give and will be more rigid than natural wood.

The stronger trucks you can find on the market are made with 356 T6 aluminum and those are the ones that hold about 250lbs of weight.


Frequently Asked Questions about How Much Weight a Skateboard can Hold


Can You Skateboard if You Are Overweight?

Most boards have a maximum weight of 220lbs so people who are overweight can still ride but it isn’t recommended to perform any tricks or jump from any tall heights.


Can You Lose Weight Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is high in cardio and is good for people looking to lose weight. All of the pushing and tricks burn calories, taking a lot of energy in the process.


Skateboards Can Hold a Good Amount of Weight

Skateboards hold a couple of hundred pounds of weight but this is only ideal for casual riding.

If you perform any tricks or fall from tall heights then it will be more likely that the board will break.

Make sure to use the materials mentioned above to make sure your board is durable and can withstand maximum weights.